Blogger unearths old jueteng payola case against Jesse Robredo, report says accuser went missing while visiting Ombudsman


…ay ang mga taong bigla na lang nawawala. (People who disappeared without a trace.)

Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot cited the case of a former Naga City Councilor Emilio Aguinaldo,  who went missing without a trace.

According to an old news article published by a Naga-based local newspaper, Aguinaldo filed 50 cases against Jesse Robredo before the Ombudsman.

“Aguinaldo has been missing since June 8, 2008. He was last seen going to Manila to follow up the cases he had filed against Robredo,” the news report said.

According to Aguinaldo’s wife Marina, her husband had to sell three pigs so he would have money to go to Manila.  Her husband had become impatient with the slow pace of the Ombudsman in resolving the cases against Robredo.

The Naga-based newspaper Peninsula Monitor urged Robredo to take a hand in the search for the missing city official in its editorial.

Typical of Leni Robredo, she repeatedly shrugged off Aguinaldo as a mere nuisance.

Robredo had repeatedly shrugged off Aguinaldo as mere nuisance, but it cannot be denied that he, too, had been elected by the Naga City electorate, the editorial read.

Based on the tone of the editorial, one of the 50 cases filed against Robredo was the Naga City Coliseum.

Robredo has to move fast like the superman of the movies before innuendoes sink deeper in the minds of Naga City constituents still baffled and perturbed over the ugly monument called Naga City Coliseum, the editorial pointed out.

Another allegation was jueteng payola, an illegal numbers game popular among the poor.

Ironically, the late Jesse Robredo was reportedly investigating government official involved in jueting before his plane crashed in the Masbate sea.

Robredo also faces a slew of allegations, among them that he received jueteng payola from the first cousin of his wife, a certain Alex Tang.”

To end her post, blogger Sass Rogando Sasot expressed concern that Aguinaldo has already been silenced because of his crusade against corruption.

May updates na po ba kung nasaan si Aguinaldo? Buhay pa po ba siya? O na-EJK na? Hwag naman po sana…

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Source: Sass Rogando Sasot PhilStar


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