Bobi Tiglao insinuates Teddy Casino receiving protection money from tycoons, Casino retaliates, accuses Tiglao of selling out to right-wingers

Manila Times’ Bobi Tiglao has taken to Facebook calling out Bayan Muna’s Teddy Casino asking for transparency re admission someone is paying for his son’s education.

Tiglao said Casino should disclose this for two reasons.

If the donation didn’t go through La Salle’s scholarship program, Tiglao concluded Casino must have received substantial cash “gift” from someone. And according to PH law, large sum of donation is subject to donation taxes. Tiglao’s follow-up question was, Did Casino pay taxes on such gifts?

Second, since Casino is a ranking member of a political party (Bayan Muna), this begs the question whether Casino is on the take or under contract from some tycoon or big bourgeoisie.

Tiglao remarked that he has long heard of rumors tycoons paying left leaders regularly as protection money.

Teddy Casino disclosed in his Facebook timeline that somebody he didn’t identify “is footing the bill” for his two sons’ education in La Salle. He should disclose who thismis for two reasons:

1. If this didn’t go through La Salle’s scholarship program, he is therefore getting a substantial cash “gift” from someone, which is subject to donation taxes. Is he paying taxes on such gifts?

2. Since he is a ranking member of a political party, Bayan Mina, this raises the issue of whether some tycoon or big bourgoisie has him under “contract”.

I have long heard of rumors of tycoons paying Left leaders regularly as a kind of protection —- that he or his conglomerate will not be subject to NPA harassment or “revolutionary taxes,” or at least is warned if there is a move against him or his conglomerate.

Here’s what Teddy Casino said in response to Tiglao’s FB post.

To which Tiglao replied:

Bobi Tiglao  I’m not worried Teddy. I hope though your sons get a good education Just don’t be hypocritical, asking young people to join the revolution and die in some jungle while your sons live like a bourgeosie’s children. How do you make a living anyway? In my time even a ranking cadre like me got pittance salaries. i know your tycoon friend BTW.

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