Bong Bong Marcos is caught between being headlong and strong versus being a little laidback and gentle — Lawyer on BBM re “weak leader” tag

Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan of the Luminous has taken to Facebook to defend BBM from “weak leader” criticism courtesy of no less than President Duterte.

Basically, Atty. Ahmed described BBM’s position as not easy. But one thing is certain, Atty. Paglinawan said, BBM is no dumb in politics.

You may read Atty. Paglinawan’s brief FB post below now.

Bong Bong Marcos is caught between being headlong and strong versus being a little laidback and gentle.

That’s because he is always being judged upon the standards used on his father. Not a very fair state of affairs.

His position is not easy. But he is not dumb in politics. As opposed, that is, to Bong Go, Isko Moreno, Manny Pacquiao and Leni Robredo.

Netizens who stumbled upon Atty. Paglinawan’s FB post tried their best to defend BBM from the “weak leader” tag as shown in the comments below.

How can it be said to be weak when for decades he and his Family have been insulted, cursed, accused and judged but remain resisting, standing up and continuing to serve the people? If there is anyone who can be said to be strong and smart, there is none other than the Marcoses. That’s the truth!

The tirade of PRRD against BBM showed the reality that his ally Bong Go is the one who possessed weak character as the latter just stood by having a tight lip and let PRRD doing the malicious, fabricated issues. Being a leader of the land and about to retire he should not let himself be caught in the middle of political arena promoting a close aide and maligning BBM, throwing false accusations, that are not beneficial to his own personal interest and to Bong Go…the more you insult BBM the more injuries your closed ally obtained, hence, a true leader unite the followers not by dividing them, find solutions for disagreement, addressed conflicting issues that affects the both party, mend perennial problems and stood still for a family closeness towards smooth stewardship for a better country, not by taking chances to a neophyte Senator whose duty as legislator has not been fully attended, the electorates shall vote for the latter because of PRRD, who will be the director once bong go is in place can he make his decision when PRRD is not around can he bring the ship into navigation without PRRD I doubt because as early today, PRRD is doing the public promotion of bong go by always with him in every public engagements…I’m sorry mr president I do respect and admire you before but now really sorry, your character had changed you can campaigned for Bong Go without firing a single shot against his opponents…

With all the big caravans happening today in many parts of the country it only means that BBM can unite the country which is a sign of a very strong leader.

BBM maybe a weak leader at some point as PRD claimed, but who is a stronger leader among other aspirants who can continue all the projects and what PRD has started and is aligned to his governance? Bong Go? Isko? Ping? Leni? Manny? You choose. I think BBM is still far the best choice among all of them

Tell me a man who you can call weak when almost all his life was attacked by those who tell negative stories according to their own narrative. Suck the heat, called every diabolic, monstrous name you can find but kept his control and remained disciplined. That’s what you call character and character makes a man ✌👊🇵🇭❤💚

All these years he is being judged negatively, harassed, disrespected but he remained steadfast and strong. He stands tall enough and never taller than he actually is. Such humility. I admire his determination, too. He ‘s a man of character….gentle and yet strong. With Mayor Sara beside him, I know he’ll be able to bring the Philippines back to its former glory. ❤️💚

this guy, is a well disciplined person, in spite of all the mud slinging on his person, he does not fire back but continues on his aims for a continuity of the gains of PRRD or even better.



Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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