Bong Go or BBM? Watch the video how Go and BBM performs versus Senator Drilon in a senate debate

For the past 5 years or so, the Duterte and the Marcos supporters battled it out against the Dilawans and whole gang of anti-Dutertes to defend PRRD from all sorts of mudslinging and black propaganda.

But now, the DDS (pure DDS and Duterte supporters but also Marcos loyalist) are quarreling on social media who is better between Go and BBM as President Duterte’s successor and deserving to get the votes of the DDS.

The DDS say Go is deserving mainly because he has been PRRD’s long time aide and for sure he has learned a lot from PRRD and will make a good president and for the sake of continuity.

On one hand, the BBM supporters say Bongbong Marcos is more qualified because of his long experience in government service who did his time in the local government as Vice Governor, then Governor and legislative as Congressman and senator. In addition, the BBM supporters argue that BBM can face world leaders and talk to them one on one without someone coaching him what to say. The BBM supporters added that the same cannot be said of Bong Go who has been used to getting orders or being told what to say or do by PRRD.

Well, Edwin Jamora, a staunch Duterte supporter but now a BBM staunch campaigner on social media during his free time shared a video clip of Bong Go debating with Senator Drilon and Senator Drilon debating with BBM on another issue as a basis of comparison who between the two presidential aspirants deserve the votes of the DDS and BBM supporters and stop anyone from the Opposition candidates from pulling a come from behind victory over the pro-administration candidates.

Well, let us read the comments of netizens to give you an idea who fared better between Go and BBM in their debate against a high caliber lawyer like Senator Drilon.

Netizens after watching Senator Bong Go…

Naku maski pala sa senado di makapag isa, pano pa kung maging presidente, andami siguro syang coach, chaos ang bansa😂

Nakakahiya.., di makatayo sa sariling paa🤣🤣🤣🤣

Diyan mo makikita kung sino tlga ang may isip at talino. Having a whisperer only shows that you are dumb and you do not know what you are talking about.

Bong go walang pinag-iba ni manny mai taga dikta

Yun na lng katabi ni bongo ang patakbuhin nila baka may laban pa🤣

Netizens after watching BBM stood his ground against Senator Drilon without whisperers…

Wow❣️┬áthats my PRESIDENT BBM someday, knows how to talk independently without being coached. He is surely qualified, hindi nakakahiya later on. He can stand on his own two feet & protect the PH from these Opposition.Salute to BBM here!#BBMSARA2022❤️💚

yung mga linyahang “I cannot say I am satisfied with that answer” ni BBM speaks about how he can stand by his understanding of matters at hand. Hindi papatinag..

MARCOS talaga kung makipag DEBATE SA SENATE FLOOR, si BBM.Very dignified, intelligent, forceful but never rude, eloquent, and factual with his data at WALANG COACH ON THE SIDE.Parang si dating Pangulong FEM lang.Take note, HINDI TALAKERANG TAKLESA ANG DATINGAN NI BBM HA. Hahaha!

Kita nyo ang malaking kaibahan ni BBm xs mga kalaban, deserving president tlga cya..

You may now watch the video to arrive with your own conclusion who deserves your vote, if you are limiting your choice between BBM and Go.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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