Brave lawyer sends Kiko Pangilinan rudely crashing down to earth while fantasizing of Liberal Party comeback in 2022 election!

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles rained on Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s parade on Twitter who was apparently trying to massage his ego in the aftermath of OtsoDiretso’s humiliating defeat in the 2019 midterm election.

Angeles asked Pangilinan what “crowd” Kiko was talking about in his tweet?

Because in her recollection, there was no crowd in the campaign sorties of the OtsoDiretso to begin with.

Angeles reminded Pangilinan the President has an 81% rating and their party lost and boy they lost spectacularly!

Angeles reiterated that Liberal Party has no crowd. No public support. That is why the Liberal Party resorts to rhetoric.

Angeles stated that empty words devoid of meaning intended to comfort Kiko in these dark End of Days for the likes of LP, who rendered little service in the presumption that the public would forever be blind.

“Enough!” This is the stern message of Angeles to Kiko, perhaps to rouse Mrs. Cuneta to wake from his fantasy and face the hard realities that LP is dead, they have no crows and majority is Duterte and they aren’t going anywhere.

Naku Sen. Kiko, anong crowd pinagsasabi mo? Kahit saang sorties ninyo nung kampanya, wala kayong crowd. The President has an 81% satisfaction rating. Your party lost and it lost SPECTACULARLY.

You have no crowd. No public support. That is why your only weapon is rhetoric. Empty words devoid of meaning intended to comfort yourself in these dark End of Days for the likes of you who rendered very little service yet presume that we would forever be blind.

Enough, Sen. You have no crowd. The majority is Duterte. And we arent going anywhere.

Check out Kiko Pangilinan’s tweet below.

Kiko Pangilinan’s tweet has elicited jeers from Facebook netizens.

Check out some of the comments below of netizens.

Jane Marie Estores He thinks a crowd consists of 20 people… 😜

Joseph Huelar Napao The crowd has awakened kaya natalo ang ocho derecho nyo Mang Kiko.

Tiburcio Dimaguiba wishful thinking yung idiot

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