Brave Pinay OFW literally slams book on International Criminal Court to remind them of its mandate

As Filipinos nervously awaits for word as to the ICC case filed against Duterte, an impassioned open letter written by a Pinay OFW makes the rounds online.

In the open letter, Hedda Joy Tady Tan, an OFW for the last 22 years, lectured and admonished the ICC in regards to its true mandate and purpose as an organization.

In the same breath, Tan also coaxes ICC to stop interfering in the country’s local affairs in the pretext of investigating President Duterte for crime against humanity.

According to Tan, the mandate of ICC is “to try individuals and to hold such person accountable the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole must not go unpunished.”

Tan believed the ICC got it all wrong when it entertained the ICC case filed against Duterte.

She argued that Duterte has not committed a serious crime against his people and to the international community. In fact, he enjoys 80% approval rating.

Tan urged ICC to instead focus on serious crimes committed against OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) and to hold the Pnoy administration accountable for Dengvaxia mess victiming 800,000 school children.

In the letter, Tan suspects the ICC is either an arm of the Liberal Party for turning a blind eye to the most pressing problems of the Philippines or the organization is mired in protocol, unable to shift its focus and work with the government to tackle the country’s biggest problem – poverty.

“Our president – along with the thousands of government workers – tirelessly work DAY and NIGHT to effect changes and reforms that impact the next generation of Filipinos, so unlike the current ones, they don’t live MOTHERLESS LIVES, brought on by the exodus of our working force abroad!” Tan said.

Tan told the ICC not to get in the way of the Filipino nation’s fight for a better life and stopped believing the lies and half-truth fed to them by people loyal to the previous administration.

She also reiterated her call to ICC to help the Duterte government in fighting poverty instead of allowing itself to be used for a political party’s agenda.

“To the respectable men and women of the International Criminal Court, please do not get in the way of the Filipino nation’s fight for BETTER!

For more than a year, you have been deluded by the barrage of fake evidences, half-truths, from people loyal to the previous leadership, who say that the Filipinos back home and abroad, do not KNOW what is truly going on in our country.

We are a breathing, thinking community of freedom fighters, who has chosen social media as our platform to give our people a VOICE, because most of our local mainstream media REFUSES to represent THE TRUTH!

To the respectable men and women of the International Criminal Court, do not ALLOW the institution that is the ICC, to be USED for one political party’s agenda. Focus energy, time and your moral ARM towards the true enemy of the Filipino people – POVERTY.”

Tan cited the case of a Filipina murdered by her employer in Kuwait to convince ICC that meddling in the country’s local affairs does more harm than good.

Tan asked until when the international community must acknowledge that the root cause of the problems of the Philippines is the phenomenon she called “motherless generations”.

“One of our own – a 29-year-old young Filipina – has been identified to be the one found in a freezer, in an apartment abandoned by her former employer abroad. How many more of our men and women MUST be sacrificed, in the name of family?

You coming to our country, on the pretext of a search for justice, ADDS to the stressors that have plagued our people for decades on end. Just when we have legally and massively CHOSEN – in a democractic election – the ONE LEADER who understands our true needs, you CHOOSE to come barreling into our midst, armed with half-truths, collated, by people who SERVE but one purpose – That of the Liberal party of the Philippines?

Until WHEN must the Filipino prove himself/herself WORTHY of self-governance? Why are do pleas to be left alone to address our challenges, go unheard? We are lawyers, doctors, economists, engineers, international diplomats, seasoned journalists, professors – working professionals – who GIVE VOICE to our people’s plea to be allowed free rein on SELF-DETERMINATION.

Until when must our children GIVE UP their mothers and fathers to jobs abroad, in search of BETTER? And until when must the international community REFUSE to acknowledge that such is the root cause of our problems in the Philippines – the motherless generations?!

Until when…?” 

Your reaction? Because your opinion matters.

Source: Hedda Tan

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