Brave woman burns Leni Robredo for nakakabahala” remark on EJK’s, says more alarming is gov’t officials spreading fake news overseas!

In light of the news report that Iceland and 27 other countries has called on the United Nations to conduct a probe of alleged human rights violations in the Philippines, Leni Robredo remarked that this is alarming and embarrassing.

In statement to the MSM, Robredo said it is a shame that other countries have expressed alarmed of the killings as a result of Duterte’s war on drugs while only a few Filipinos have expressed the same way.

Robredo remarked it is like business as usual to majority of the Filipinos despite the killings happening today.

Nakakahiya naman yata na iba pa iyong nakapansin, iba pa iyong nagmalasakit, iba pa iyong nababahala…Iyong sa akin lang, iyong ibang bansa nababahala para sa atin. Pero dito sa atin, parang ang nababahala kaunting-kaunti lang. Parang business as usual sa lahat, kahit daming patayan na ang nangyari, parang wala lang.

With that being said, DDS blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes rebuffed Leni Robredo on Facebook for her “nababahala” commentary.

Reyes retorted that what is more alarming and infuriating is spreading fake information in the international community by fake official. (Don’t know if Reyes was alluding to Robredo whose legitimacy has been questioned by Marcos.)

Reyes continued that as part of the government, isn’t her job to call the attention of the people spreading fake information and those trying to destroy the image of our country in the international community?

Reyes went on to enumerate the fake information peddled by Robredo’s camp and debunked them one by one. You may scroll down below to read the details.

For example, of the 27,000 figure (Robredo’s allies fave lines when talking to the international media) is the total number of murder/homicide cases for the 1st 3 years of Duterte admin. Of that figure, only 5,000 are drug related incidents–that includes the death of some of our own police enforcers during their anti-drug operation

Reyes ended the FB post by challenging Robredo to speak up against fake news by sharing the information she shared in the post.

You may read MJ Quiambao Reyes full FB post below.


Alam nyo po ba ano mas nakababahala at lubhang nakakagalit? Iyong pagkakalat ng pekeng impormasyon sa international community ng mga pekeng opisyal.

Bilang parte pa rin naman kayo ng gobyerno, hindi po ba dapat sinasaway nyo ang mga pwersang nagpapakalat ng mali maling numero at pilit nagpapabagsak ng imahe natin sa ibang bansa?

1. The 27,000 figure (which many of your allies have been using) is the total number of murder/homicide cases for the 1st 3 years of Duterte admin. Of that figure, only 5,000 are drug related incidents–that includes the death of some of our own police enforcers during their anti-drug operation. The rest, or 22,000 of that, are not related to the on-going drug war. (Kasama sa 22,000 na yan ang mga business-related homicide pati love triangle murder incidents kung saan pinapapaligpit ang mga kabit.)

3. In the previous admin prior to Duterte, the annual homicide & murder cases were 11,500-16,200 (2011-2015). That’s a total of approx 78,000 in 6 years or 39,000 in 3 years! Again, 39,000 in 3 years–and that was even before the drug war.

4. There are more than 1.3 million drug personalities who surrenderered–alive, unharmed.

5. There are more than 182,000 drug personalities arrested–alive and unharmed.

6. Contrary to all the black propaganda, not all of the 1.3 million drug personalities who surrendered and the 182,000+ arrested are poor. Several high-value targets were arrested or killed during legitimate police operations–including wealthy and powerful politicians as well as police scalawags who were connected to drug syndicates.

7. It is only during this admin where over 4,500 police officers were suspended and more than 2,500 rogue cops were fired in an effort to clean up their ranks and get rid of the bad apples. (Take note: Many of those rogue cops were already around prior Duterte)

8. Our govt. has put in place rehabilitation and reintegration programs. (Check “Rehabinasyon” for more details)

9. Total crime rate in the Philippines has dropped by more than 30%. In Metro Manila, latest report shows a decline on crime rate by 57%.

If you truly care for our country and our people, why don’t you speak up and help spread the information I shared (above)?

MJ Quiambao Reyes

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