Breaking news! SPO3 Lascanas sings same tune with Matobato…Atty. Rivera explains why Lascanas’s credibility is zero!

If you’ve just open Facebook, SPO3 Arturo Lascañas just dropped a bomb by confirming several of Matobato’s tall tales in the senate.

In the senate hearing several months ago, SPO3 Lascanas denied the existence of the so-called Davao Death Squad and among other accusations leveled against Duterte by Edgar Matobato.

But today, Lascanas made a 180-degree turn that has made many yellow supporters singing hallelujah to the high heavens and grinning from ear to ear.

But wait! Before the yellow supporters start popping that wine or beer to rejoice this development, please read Atty. Bruce Rivera’s post destroying Lascanas credibility in a methodical manner.


In the inner circles of the PRRD social media bloggers, we have been warned on the attack of the Yellows on the days leading to the EDSA Celebration. They are hoping to take back what is theirs and the desperation is showing.

We saw Trillanes, rehash an issue on bank deposit but it never gained traction because PRRD ordered the AMLA to release his records. Instead of looking into the bank records, Trillanes just went on to another mode of attack. He knew there was nothing in the bank records. And the people who made it appear that PRRD allegedly flip-flopped in his financial status should remember that before the elections, Trillanes only raised PRRD and his children’s accounts. It did not include Honeylet. And everyone in Davao knows that she was already a successful businesswoman with a successful meat supply business existing for 18 years.

And to those who would say that Duterte said he was poor before elections and say another thing now is merely nitpicking. Yes, he said he was poor but that was in relation to the rest of the candidates running for the position then. And that is true. When he said, he is not poor, in his recent statement, that was in comparison to his accuser, Trillanes. And knowing the pedigree of the senator, that is not a lie.

And here comes Lascanas recently coming out with a statement that was a departure from his previous statement. He was pinpointed by Matobato as the ring leader behind the DDS. And his handler, again, the illustrious senator.

And let us discuss credibility of a witness. Lascanas has already been pinpointed even before Duterte became President. During de Lima’s investigation in both the CHR and the DOJ. Lascanas denied the PRRD connection. And at that time, if he was really telling the truth, that would have been the best time. Duterte was just Mayor of Davao City. Outside of the city, he would be less powerful than de Lima who everyone knew would even violate a Supreme Court injunction just to get her way. Lascanas never flinched. He even denied it during the Senate hearing of the Matobato allegation.

Then he saw that Matobato becoming a household name to the Yellows. The Duterte administration did not give him a hard time and for obvious reasons, he did not deserve any reason for worry. We see a paid witness and smell it a mile away. And here he is, telling the truth and what does it get him?

Nothing. Duterte does not pay people to tell the truth. Enter Trillanes with funds to spare and with the purpose of destabilization. Lascanas heard what Matobato had already testified. All he needed to do was fix the numerous loopholes in the story and a media willing to hear him and prominently place him in very live report and headline.

And we got ourselves another tele-novela.

Yur thoughts, please!

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