British Malcom Conlan slams Boomers Chris Goulding for alleged racist tweet against Gilas players, calling them “monkeys”

A screenshot of the controversial laced with racist rhetorics made by one of the Aussie players involved in the brawl against Gilas players has angered even a British lad after seeing the photo on social media.

British Malcolm Conlan shared the screenshot of Chris Goulding tweet on Facebook with the caption…

“Well, to those who say the Philippines started the issue, please see the comments from Chis Golding. Disgusting. Disgraceful. Barbaric.

If this tweet is true, he and the Australian team should never be allowed to step on Philippine soil again and he should be made persona non grata!!!!

I’m raging omfg 😡😡😡😡😡

Chris Goulding’s tweet reads, “Philippino monkeys!!! Trash team. Trash crowd. Trash Federation. Trash country.”

Goulding used the #Disgraceful to end his tweet.

Credits to Malcolm Conlan for the screenshot.

However, upon checking Chris Goulding’s twitter account, the racist tweet has either been deleted or photoshopped.

Conlan’s post showing alleged Goulding’s tweet has obviously touched some raw nerves among indignant Filipinos, reigniting fresh tirades against Aussie basketball players as shown in the comments below.

Anthony Sevilla Dadulla: “A fish caught in his bloody mouth. This is what started all the trouble – his “monkey” racist rant. Shame on you, Mate! We love Oz, except you. Boo!”

Vitoyski Zaldi Rogz: “We’ll how’s a monkey kick and solid blows then? Feel the Filipino power you moron!”

Mari An Villafuerte: “omg!! no wonder british people felt insulted when sometimes they are mistaken as australian. is that the type of statement they want to hear? bring it on cuz filipinos can laugh and eat like a monkey but our ancestors are not banned criminals thrown away in Australia.”

Mong Gallardo: “That coward was nowhere to be found during the brawl and now he barks at twitter worse than a girl. That’s the most gay dick move i’ve ever seen this year.”

Even Australian Mick Sawko found Goulding’s comment foul. “Chris Goulding I think your comment is pathetic. You are a disgrace to Australia. I am also in Melbourne if you would like to say it to my face.”

MuMu Mendoza: “Got beat up by people half their size and they trash talk the whole country. Please tatay Digs, persona non grata na yan”

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