British national and self-confessed Sharon fan asks Megastar if it’s ok to continue being a fan even if he is DDS and now a BBM-Sara supporter?

British but Pinoy-at-heart Malcolm Conlan is a self-confessed Sharon Cuneta fan who even met the Megastar personally together with her husband Kiko Pangilinan in the past.

However, on the brouhaha surrounding with senatorial aspirant Atty. Sal Panelo, Conlan can’t help but write an open letter to tell the Megastar as a fan who finds her amiable and very nice in their meeting, it is a shame that because of politics, he is disappointed how her idol reacted.

Of course, Conlan said he perfectly understand why Sharon wants to support her husband as he runs for Vice President because as the wife, it is but a natural reaction.

But as a performer and a celebrity, particularly Sharon, a Megastar and an icon of the Philippine showbiz, Conlan believed Sharon cannot stop people from connecting with her through her songs in some way. This is the norm when people idolize a singer or artist, they connect with them through their music and performances.

Moving forward, Conlan said Panelo singing Sharon’s song during an event for BBM-Sara to entertain the crowd and as his way of honoring his departed son is a non-issue unless there is a court order preventing people from singing her singing her songs in public.

Conlan said that instead of the negative reaction, Sharon should have been proud that her song has enabled a fellow human to find a connection with her music as well as helping him in the his grieving process, which he was sure many of her countless millions of fans around the world have also done?

Conlan ended the open letter by asking Sharon if it’s ok to continue being her fan despite supporting PRRD and now the BBM-Sara tandem.

An Open Letter to the Megastar, Sharon Cuneta.

Dear Ma’am Sharon Cuneta,

I hope you don’t mind me writing to you personally?

I am a fan of your music and career. I have watched many of your movies and have always found you have a way of connecting with your audience and fans. I have also had the pleasure of meeting you and your husband personally and have always found you to be very nice and amiable.

I do find it rather a shame that you have had to become all political. I fully understand that you want to support your husband Kiko as he runs for public office, of course I understand that it’s natural for any wife to want to support her husband.

But with respect Ma’am, when you are a performer and celebrity, particularly when you have become such a megastar and icon of popular entertainment in the Philippines and indeed around the globe, I don’t think you can stop people connecting with you and your music in some way? When people idolise a singer or entertainer, they connect with their music, songs and performances.

I understand you had an issue lately of Sir Sal Panelo singing one of the songs that you have sung and become known for, ‘Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas’ at a recent campaign rally for BBM and Inday Sara Duterte.

Unless you have issues some kind of court order banning people from singing your songs publicly, then I don’t see what the issue is ma’am?

Sir Salvador “Sal Panalo” Panelo sung the song I understand as a tribute to his late son, I would hope that you would be proud of the fact that this song has enabled a fellow human to find a connection with your music as well as helping him in the his grieving process, which I am sure many of your countless millions of fans around the world have also done?

I would suggest that it’s an honour that your song, which in fact was written by Willy Cruz could resonate with the masses. I have no doubt that many fellow citizens of your country were singing it too and thus bringing your music to an even greater audience.

I have one final question ma’am Sharon, is it ok if I still watch your movies and listen to your songs as I am a supporter of President Duterte, as well as Sir BBM and ma’am Inday Sara Duterte as well as still being a fan of yours?

Maraming Salamat po ma’am,


Source: Malcolm Conlan

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