British national writes open letter to Toni Gonzaga to show his appreciation for her fair & unbiased interview with Bongbong Marcos

While some noisy anti-Marcos are up in arms and are even waging a campaign to cancel Toni Gonzaga on Twitter, a British national named Malcolm Conlan wrote an open letter expressing his appreciation for the media star for her professional handling of the interview with Bongbong Marcos recently.

Conlan was impressed with Toni Gonzaga’s phrasing of her questions to not give the impression of being politically biased or motivated. He also praised Toni’s courage to ask difficult questions, knowing she was interviewing a Marcos, but she asked the questions anyway, addressing concerns of some Filipinos.

Conlan described Toni as professional, polite, respectful, articulate and charming interviewer. He also gave kudos to Toni for doing a great deal of research about the Marcos family to come up with the questions she would ask. Conlan lamented that many young Filipinos would be immediately critical of the Marcos without getting the full facts.

Conlan said the interview showed Bongbong Marcos as a seasoned and very experienced politician. And from the interview, he got to hear about his time as a child and how he was groomed for the life of politics.

You may read the original FB post below now.

An Open Letter to Toni Gonzaga,

Dear Ma’am Toni,

Hope you don’t mind me writing to you like this, but I really just wanted to congratulate you for the way you handled the interview with sir Bong Bong Marcos. I just finished watching it now on your YouTube channel, which I also subscribed too!

You phrased questions in such a way that they weren’t politically biased or motivated. You had the courage to ask difficult questions like that some people loved the Marcos family and some hated them, but you asked the question all the same, addressing concerns of some Filipinos.

You were professional, polite, respectful and charming. You had clearly spent a great deal of time researching the family and the questions that you would ask. Sadly, there are many young people in the Philippines who would be immediately critical of the Marcos family without knowing the full facts.

Clearly, Bong Bong Marcos is a seasoned and very experienced politician and from the interview, we got to hear about his time as a child and how he was if you like groomed or prepared for a life of politics. Like his sister, ma’am Imee, he has a great deal of political experience.

Finally, I am glad that you weren’t judgmental in your interview, this shows your level of professionalism, you are unbiased and I believe fair.

It is of course up to the Filipino people to decide the course of any prospective political candidate and not journalists.

You demonstrated this articulately.

Maraming Salamat po ma’am. More power to you and the success of your channel. Mabuhay.

Best regards,

Malcolm conlan




Source: Malcolm Conlan


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