British netizen slams Int’l People’s Court who found PRRD guilty of rights violations, calls group ‘farce’ & ‘kangaroo court’

Did you read the news from jaundiced news networks like ABS-CBN, whose screaming headlines reported that PRRD has been convicted of rights violations by an international court?

The Brussels-based International People’s Court reportedly anchored their decision on various witness testimonies.

The ruling, handed out by a jury on September 19, 2018 Wednesday, came at a time when rumors of destabilization plots against President Duterte on October has been making the rounds online.

Here’s what the jury had to say on the conviction of PRRD.

“We heard the summary of testimonies of witnesses– many of them heart-wrenching, traumatic and horrific- experts and resource persons as well as the digest of wealth of data, information, facts and other evidence.”

According to the ABS-CBN news article, the ruling is destined to be forwarded to the United Nations Human Rights Council, the European Parliament, and the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, where similar complaints against Duterte are pending.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque dismissed the ruling as a ‘sham’ and bears no official function.

Meanwhile, Londoner Malcolm Conlan took to Facebook via an open letter addressed to the International People’s Tribunal to lend his voice in the cacophony of angry voices from the Duterte supporters on social media questioning the ruling.

In the open letter, Conlan raised important questions to the court to test their credibility.

For example, Conlan wants to know how the jury were selected and if the members of the jury were independent and not biased against President Duterte?

Conlan also wants to know why some members of the jury spread wild, malicious figures of 30,000 or 27,000 or 20,000 et al.

In other words, Conlan accused the court of convicting PRRD of rights violations based on fake news and figures in their findings.

Conlan also raised questions like the financier of the dummy trial and its independence or someone who had a grudge against the President?

Conlan wrapped up the open letter to the International People’s Tribunal by calling the trial a farce, a waste of time and money and a above all, the group have become the laughing matter to Duterte’s 21 million voters and the international community.

Your thoughts?


An Open Letter to the International People’s Tribunal,

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you following your recently concluded ‘trial’ against the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

I have a number of questions and I hope you wouldn’t mind addressing them.

Firstly, from what I have read, seen on video, it seems as though as part of your process, you enlisted the help of a ‘jury’. I am not sure of the process over in Brussels, but in the United Kingdom, a jury is an independent, randomly selected representation of the general public.

Jury members in the U.K are selected from the electoral register and even when they have been called for Jury service, the accused or defendant has the opportunity to reject any particular jury member who may have made any preconceived judgement by already knowing about the case. My question is, we’re all of your jury panel independent and where they in anyway biased against the President?

If that was the case, then one could argue that this was nothing more than a kangaroo court with no real purpose, other than to attempt to destabilise the Philippine government and spread fake news about the President?

Secondly, it seems from the report that you have found President Duterte guilty of ‘at least 4,000 killings’. Question is, why do most of your colleagues spread wild, malicious figures of 30,000 or 27,000 or 20,000 et al. Like your trial, you have relied on fake news and figures in your findings.

As I am sure you are aware, there have already been false complaints to the ICC over alleged EJK’s, if you and your colleagues believe in justice and fairness, why not wait until these allegations are duly investigated.

Is it not the case that the ICC really doesn’t have a case at all? If not, why are they not taking action already?

Finally, who financed this dummy trial, was it an independent body or someone who had a grudge against the President, or even found him guilty before your ridiculous exercise even commenced?

So what do you plan now, if you have indeed somehow found the President guilty, how do you intend to hold him account, what authority do you have?

In conclusion, it appears to me that this was a farce, a complete waste of time and you and your Tribunal has now become a laughing matter to at least 21 million voters as well as the international community.

I await your reply.


Malcolm Conlan
Concerned Netizen
London, UK

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