British newspaper ‘The Times’ says young Isabelle Duterte following Imelda Marcos’s footsteps? Open letter defends young Duterte

The controversy surrounding the Malacanang photo shoot of Isabelle Duterte has gone international after the British newspaper ‘The Times’ picked up the story.

However, the unflaterring headline of the news article of ‘The Times’ of Isabelle Duterte has been raising the eyebrows of social media, particularly the Filipino supporters of the young Duterte and her lolo, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Credits to Malcolm Conlan

The supporters of President Duterte got mad at the British newspaper and slammed the writer of the hypertension-inducing article.

But the most notable response though came from a Brit, Malcolm Conlan, who wrote an open letter on Facebook to enlighten the author of the article about the photo shoot and Pres. Duterte.

Below is the full text of the open letter.

The Editor
The Times Newspaper
London, UK

Dear sir,

I am writing to you over concerns of your coverage of the recent photoshoot of the granddaughter of President of the Philippines, Isabelle Duterte.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte was duly elected as President of the Republic of the Philippines by over 16 million Filipinos. Filipinos who care about the state of the country and desperately want reductions in crime, corruption and poverty. All of which by the way, have been reduced under his leadership.

As part of the package of being President, you are afforded the privilege of living in Malacanang palace. Isabelle, I am very sure is very proud of her grandfather and as such, I believe that’s it’s only right that she marked the once in a lifetime occasion of her debut by holding a photoshoot in the palace.

Some have commented that she should not have posed in front of the President seal, why ever not? What was she supposed to do, cover it up with masking tape? This is her family home whilst her grandfather is in office.

By the way, the actual cost of the photoshoot was waived, I am sure the outfits she wore, were also leant for the occasion too, so accusations of the event being very expensive are grossly misrepresented by those who just want to insult the 1st family, at a time where the President needs the support of all of the Filipino people.

At a time where there is such much going on worldwide, is it really so important to The Tines to somehow join other international biased media in finding fault with the Duterte administration and family, when the truth of it is, that corruption is down, crime is down and over 1.5 million Filipinos have given up their dependency on illegal drugs.

Millions of pesos owed to the government are being collected in unpaid taxes and fees, millions of pesos each month are being ploughed back into public hospitals, education and the infrastructure.

When the Philippines finally has found a President who actually wants a better country for its citizens, why not support him, rather than condemn him and his family?

Thank you

Kind regards

Malcolm Conlan
Concerned British Citizen,
London, UK

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