British, Phil. gov’t to probe UK-based Pinoy nurse for sharing Duterte’s photo shop image on Twitter?

A UK-based Pinoy nurse could lose his high-paying job in UK after sharing a photo shop image of President Duterte on Twitter caught the attention of a Londoner who happens to a Duterte supporter too.

Malcolm Conlan, Pinoy-at-heart Londoner, called the attention of the UK and Phil. gov’t to investigate a certain JR Castillo for sharing an inappropriate and fake photo of President Duterte on Twitter.

The photo shop image showed President Duterte’s face from up close, eyes closed and suggesting he had passed away and what appeared to be a bouquet of yellow flowers in the background.

Castillo’s caption of the photo fueled the anger of Duterte supporters, including Londoner Conlan.

Here’s another screenshot image of Castillo’s tweet that speaks about a hypothetical situation that if he was Duterte’s nurse, he would treat him like his other patients but he wished Duterte to rot and burn in hell.

Moving forward, Conlan explained that he was doing this (sharing this on social media, hoping the British and Phl. gov’t to probe if there was a law violated by Castillo) to protect the Philippine President (he call Duterte a friend) with the belief that it is within his rights to share this as a concerned netizen.

Read the full text of the post below.

For the attention of Philippine Government officials both in the UK and the Philippines. This photoshop image of the President was shared and posted on Twitter by a filipino, who I believe is a nurse in the United Kingdom, Mr JR CASTILLO, who I also believe resides in Wimbledon, Surrey.

I am very very reluctant to post this, as to protect Mr Castillo and even myself from personal harm, however my attention had been drawn to it on Twitter. I am sharing this to protect the Philippine President. I believe I am in my rights to share this as a concerned netizen.

I can’t say whether he is just reposting this of or in fact he made it. All I can say is that JR Castillo, as a nurse, your job I believe, is to save lives and respect them.

Also as a Filipino, I believe you should respect the Office of the President, even if you don’t necessarily agree with all the policies of the current one. To me, President Rodrigo Duterte is a good man, but much more than that, I consider him to be a friend. I find this Twitter post of yours to be utterly disgusting and shameful.

By sharing this photo, I believe I am doing my duty as a British citizen, in the hope that this can be appropriately investigated. Much more than that, I am doing this to protect a friend who I greatly admire and respect.

I do hope you don’t have any plans of going home to the Philippines anytime soon Mr Castillo, as I believe you will have a lot to answer for.

Once long ago, we actually spoke and I offered out an olive branch to you, I now take it away. Your photoshop image of the President and remarks make me grieve for you. To think you are also a nurse in our National Health Service. Shame.

God bless and let’s all continue to protect and pray for the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte. 👊👊👊


Meanwhile, Castillo’s statement (tweet?) if it is proven to be false, and its publication ‘caused or is likely to cause serious harm’ to individuals’ or businesses’ reputation, he could be liable under the under the Defamation Act 2013 (DA 2013) in British law. [Lexilogy, August 14 2017]

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