British woman says President Duterte has given a voice to voiceless, grateful for his bravery

In the midst of the word war between President Duterte and leaders of the Catholic church, the President has been severely criticized even by people who admitted voting for him in the 2016 election.

Although, many Duterte supporters who happened to be Catholics have chosen to overlook the President’s feud with their church leaders, some have signified their intention to stop supporting the President for hurting their religious sensibilities.

British national and Zambales-based Sherry Zimmer should serve as an eye-opener to all, that instead of chastising Duterte for his rhetoric against the church leaders, Filipinos should thank the President for giving voice to the voiceless.

Read the full text below.


Many of you must wonder why a foreign woman would defend President Duterte and the answer is simple. His recent statement, about God, and my open letter to Cardinal Tagle, has caused many people to write to me in – private messenger, of their own experiences. They have also been abused by a priest or nun. I have promised not to divulge their names, but their pain is real. “Altar of Secrets” is only the ‘tip of the iceberg.’

At last, the conversation has started and we should be grateful to President Duterte for his bravery. Tomorrow, he will be meeting with the CBCP and we should keep him in our prayers – he has taken on the politically powerful, Catholic Church who would do anything to oust him.

Let us read the comments below to see how some people react to Zimmer’s post.

Maria Theresa Lingling Gonzalez says: “Only those who have stronger faith in God can understand what Prrd is trying to send as message. And God can be in many forms. Mine is a universal GOD.
PEACE to all!”

Joel Vasquez writes: “shaking the apple tree – rotten fruits are falling..”

Loida Heinen seems to be leaning in favor of the President’s crusade. “Pres. Duterte chose to divulge instead of keeping quiet what a priest did to him as a boy.. it is time to let this all out, let the voices of the victims be heard to stop these abusive priests.”

Your thoughts?

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