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Bullet train traversing Ilocos Norte-Manila via Clark awaits President-elect Duterte’s signature, claims Marcos

A planned bullet train traversing Manila-Clark-Ilocos Norte is now awaiting the signature of President-elect Duterte claims Marcos.

In a Facebook post, Eulen Marcos made the announcement to his fellow Ilocanos via live video while acting an observer of a demonstration of the power generator cum water desalination plant that will be potentially used as the energy producer to power the bullet train.

Mr. Marcos claimed that the power plant will produce mineral water from sea water, electricity to power the bullet train, diesel and natural gas.

According to Mr. Marcos, the feasibility study of the bullet train is done on June 22, which is today. And by June 24, the result of the feasibility will be forwarded to the office of Congresswoman Imelda Marcos.

By July, the study will be forwarded to the Office of the President. If President Duterte affixes his signature on the contract, the bullet train and the power plant will begin construction.

“The projects cost nothing to the government and will be financed reportedly by Rothschild and Co from the US,” says Eulin Marcos.

According to Mr. Marcos, this project was envisioned by President Marcos but because of People Power 1, the ambitious project was sidelined until this year.

Posted by Eulen Marcos on Thursday, June 16, 2016

What can you say about this ambitious project of the Marcoses and Duterte?

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