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Businessman predicts more aid and friendlier China towards the Philippines amid Duterte’s “make Philippines China’s province” joke

John Gaisano

John Gaisano

While critics fume after Duterte’s “make the Philippines China’s province” joke, this businessman predicts more aid and friendlier China towards the Philippines.

John Gaisano, a member of the prominent family of businessmen from the south, believes the “Duterte joke” was meant to tickle and soften the heart and mind of China’s leadership.

This is in contrast to the position of critics like Hontiveros and Trillanes, who take turns in calling out Duterte in public for the China joke.

Hontiveros described Duterte’s “China joke” a very bad joke especially when making a joke of the country’s sovereignty. Please refer to the meme below from News 5.

Trillanes and Alejano called Duterte’s joke “unpatriotic” while taking a swipe at the president via ABS-CBN. Link here.

“He only acts tough against opposition, critics and poor Filipinos, but with China, he had the audacity to even [go] too far to make the Philippines a province of China. That is very unpatriotic.”

You may read Joh Gaisano’s post below.

President Duterte & His Jokes

To many, such jokes isn’t funny, including some of us Filipino. (The joke about having Philippines becoming a province of China.) What about you?

Many thinks it is inappropriate, it is because we think that a president should behave & speak in certain way as reflected by many leaders all over the world. In a sense, it has become a worldwide tradition for most country’s leader. But our President Duterte, he’s obviously nontraditional. He curses. He jokes. He laughs. He threats. He promises what he cannot do. He speaks in hyperbole. And he changes his mind.

Now, let us focus on his particular joke about Philippines becoming a province of China. Hehe Imagine cracking this jokes in a national conference of lawyers in view of the ongoing problem we have with these submerged little islands. This should make this joke funnier or more difficult to laugh.

But it all depends on your perspective & whether you like him or not. Well, if I was seated beside him, I would have whispered, “Rody, you should not joke like that.” And I bet, he’ll look at me & we’ll both laugh. But if I was seated in the crowd, I would laugh too but I would say to myself, “He’ll get away with this & makes China’s Ambassador laugh & happy.

Now, this so called improper joke by our President will definitely be relayed in writing & coupled with video all the way to China’s top officials. President Duterte also said something like this, “Both of us does not like the American.” Well, again, inappropriate to world standard of presidential behavior.

So what’s the implication, it may actually tickle & soften the mind & heart of China’s leadership. Really? China has a worldwide plan. Strategy & tactics are common to literate Chinese thousand years ago. Many books have been written, read, & studied. The only famous one known to the outside world is The Art of War by Sun Tsu. But this is only one among many.

So will China change a little for an insignificant joke? Hehe The real question is, is it really insignificant? Does the Chinese think this is insignificant? I bet Chinese government may have assigned a team following Duterte.

So far, our President have behaved with respect when it comes to China. If my interpretation is right, such deference & friendliness contrasted with his sometimes adversarial behavior with others, makes even a greater difference.

So what does these all translate to, for a typical older Chinese, they are more open to help & assist a smaller country or brother who treats China with deference & friendliness. (By the way, most members of the Central Committee in China, are older people who have recollection & experiences of past history.)

What do you think? A bad joke or a good joke? Hehehe
Mayor & President Duterte, I laugh with you. hehehe
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Source: John Gaisano’s Blog

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