Businessman rejects Leni Robredo statement, “Noynoy the leader whose example every public servant should follow”

As the Leni Robredo the great philosopher once said, former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III was the leader whose example every public servant should follow.

Carlo de Leon, who identified himself on Facebook as a marketing consultant, entrepreneur and executive director of an NGO, can’t help but thumb down Robredo’s logic whom he described as twisted.

De Leon asked Robredo if he got it right what she just said about every public servants using Noynoy as their template?

“Oh, Madumb Leni, there you go again with your twisted logic. Every public servant should follow the examples of Noynoy?”

De Leon wants to know whether Leni was just kidding or not. If the answer is in the affirmative, De Leon found Robredo’s assertion questionable because it sounds all public servants are inferior to Noynoy in terms of governance skills like he had it.

“Are you serious? As if you are saying every public servant is inferior to Noynoy’s governance skills (as if he had it)?”

On that note, De Leon concluded that the Yellows think they are God’s gift to Filipinos who holds the solutions to the country’s problems. Of course, he rejected such line of thinking.

“The yellows are so entitled and narcissistic; they always make it appear their leadership is the only solution to the country’s problems. Well, it isn’t. There are many better alternatives.”

Netizens expressed their agreement with de Leon’s sentiment as shown in their comments below.

“To have a vindictive leader???to have an Incompetent President???it seems that you are trying to say.. you can be the next President because you are similar,🙄 one netizen wrote.

“Still actual proof will certify it! Nothing remarkable in aquino’s administration!!!!!” commented another.

“Kaya pala ganyan ka Leni. Kasi you strive to be like him,” chimed in another netizen.

This netizen comment offered another insight on the issue: “Campaign time for yellows using the dead person is proven before but i think this will not work this time”


Source: Carlo de Leon

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