Busted: Netizen destroys myth of Leni Robredo’s viral ‘waiting for bus photo’ scene in Magallanes

A netizen decided to play detective by re-enacting Robredo’s viral ‘waiting for the bus ride’ photo that won her the admiration of the social media in 2014.

According to Atty. Bruce Rivera, a friend attempted to flag down a bus bound for Bicol in Magallanes Shell Station in Makati where Leni’s viral photo was taken by a friend.

After 30 minutes of trying to take a Bicol-bound bus in Magallanes, the netizen decided to call it quits.

As shown in the photo below, the netizen wore a polo barong while doing the Robredo re-enactment scene.

The netizen joked that he started losing hair after several unsuccessful attempts to get a bus ride for Bicol until he came to the realization that provincial buses use the inner lane.

Hence, Atty. Rivera asks his friend to answer a couple of questions and test the validity of his verdict.

1. Weh, ngayon ka lang talaga panot?
2. Maybe you did not try hard enough???!!
3. Baka kailangan mong bumatak para may makita kang bus na titigil para sa yo.
4. Baka kulang ka lang sa props na LV to make it believable na pa-Bicol ka.
5. Baka akala nila conduktor ka ng G-Liner at hindi Bicol ang biyahe mo.

Meanwhile, the re-enactment of Leni’s viral ‘waiting for a bus ride’ photo has  garnered  892 shares and more than 8,000 reactions and counting on Facebook.

Below are a sampling of the various comments of netizens on Facebook.

Audrey Kirsten says: Hahahah..!! Lovelovelove YOU Atty Bruce for making me laugh before the dawn today!
I think this should be debated in Parliament, well the fuckers do bugger all else lately.

Mart Philippe Pangandian writes: Napabilib din ako sa Leni nung una. I never thought this was just a PR. I was really rooting for her. Buti na lang maganda sagot nun ni Cayetano sa interview niya with abscbn. Saka buti na lang bnlock ko ng admin ni Leni sa FB niya, instead of replying, when I messaged her about her inaction and silence regarding sa issue nun na UP student na family friend ng Robredo na nakipagsagutan kay Pres. DU30 nun.

Trina DV writes: From the very start i knew it was a PR stunt, I just liked Jesse and I never thought we would even come close to the tragedy of having her as VP.

Note: The netizen’s re-enactment of the Robredo viral ‘waiting for the bus’ photo was done during the day.


A friend of Leni Robredo named Keisha del Castillo took the photo on the night of December 4, 2014. The following day, the ‘waiting for the bus ride’ photo appeared on Leni Robredo’s Facebook page and the rest they is history.

According to Robredo, Keisha drove her all the way to Magallanes Shell Station from McKinley Hill in Taguig and wait at the gas station because she won’t make the trip if she decides to go to the bus station in Cubao in Quezon City. [Philippine Daily Inquirer]

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