“Buti pa sila!” Lady lawyer refuses to buy Teddy Casino’s alibi his sons are not activists, being only 11 & 16! Read why!

“Buti pa sila!”

This basically summed up the sentiment of lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles in light of Teddy Casino’s justification why his sons are not activists just like the children of other people whom they recruited to join their cause.

Casino responded on Facebook that his kids can’t be activists since they are still 11 and 16 years old.

Besides, Casino reasoned when his kids reach 18 years old, he will give them the freedom to decide the path to follow that they believed is best for them.

Angeles scoffed at Casino because she found the reason very flimsy.

Why? Because one of the missing children was recruited at the age of 16 by Casino’s leftist group friends. Therefore, Casino’s alibi because his children’s age is BS.

Ka Agnes, the former NPA amazona who testified in the senate hearing said she was recruited at the age 13.

Angeles remarked that Casino’s children are probably safe for now from these organizations and are not likely to be recruiting in their school. And as Casino said, they will get to make their choices freely at the proper age of 18.

You may read Trixie Angeles’ full FB post below.

Teddy Casiño says his kids are not activists, being only 11 and 16.

Alicia Lucena, and two of the other missing activists whose parents testified at the senate, were 16 years old and in senior high school when recruited by Anakbayan, LFS and Kabataan.

Ka Agnes who testified in the Senate about her life in the movement was recruited at 13.

Casiño’s kids are probably safe for now as these organizations are not likely to be recruiting in their school and they will get to make choices at the appropriate age of 18.

Buti pa sila.

Netizen Russel Joy Evangelio commented that its a heartbreaking to see these kids get recruited and join the revolutionary struggle in the mountains while the children of these leftist groups are living a pampered life in other planet.

Kaya nga kawawa ang mga kabataan na nahihikayat nila na mamundok eh… Tapos ang mga anak ng mga hinayupak na makakaliwa ay hayahay at nagpapasarap sa ibang planeta…

Netizen Mon Pascual Torres was angry at Casino for brainwashing and recruiting the children of other people instead of recruiting his children, take them to the mountains before doing this to other children.

Gago ka pala talaga Teddy Casiño…bakit yung mga anak mo ay hindi mo nire-recruit at bine-brainwash? Bakit yung anak ng may anak ang nire-recruit mo at bine-brainwash kundi ka naman talagang demonyo. Recruitin mo muna ang mga anak mo at dalhin mo sa bundok bago ang iba demonyo ka.

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