Canadian blogger “Kulas” shares a few tips to Canadian PM to add more flavor to experiences in the Philippines

Kyle Jennermann, popularly known as “Kulas” to his Facebook followers wrote an open letter giving a few tips to add more to the experiences of the Canadian PM.

Kyle has a huge following among Filipino netizens on social media while sharing good vibes in his travels in the provinces to learn about the local culture.

Before ending the open letter, “Kulas” tells the Canadian PM to smile because the Philippines embraces happiness so well, which is something that the Filipinos and Canadians really connect with.

You may read the open letter below.

Dear Justin Trudeau

I heard you have landed back in the Philippines! That is awesome. I am a proud Canadian citizen who four years ago happened to stumble upon this country in the Asia Pacific. I know you probably have no clue who I am, but I just wanted to wish you all the best during your stay here…

I also just wanted to give you a few tips from a fellow Canadian who now calls the Philippines home. Perhaps these can add to your experiences here:

#1) Try saying “Apir” and throwing a High Five with Filipinos. The word “Apir” actually comes from “Up Here” and it is something that always brings good vibes here!

#2) Since you will be in Manila, the most important and easiest word you can learn and use here is “Po”. Just say it after EVERYTHING. It will add politeness to your conversations and make you look super ayus! (“Ayus” = “Cool” in Filipino).

#3) Ditch the knife. Filipinos love to eat with fork and spoon! Although in Canada we love our knives… try rocking the spoon! Oh, and if your spoon falls off the table just politely smile and say: “I wonder if a girl is coming”… You will get some serious laughs and street cred for that (it is a Filipino superstition).

#4) Eat Kinilaw. It is a raw fish dish made with vinegar and vegetables. Sort of like a Filipino sushi! A must try! Or if you can’t handle raw fish, get stuck in to some Dinuguan… it may seem creepy at first, but my brother liked it with tacos.

#5) Being Prime Minister you probably have to meet lots of people. I bet remembering names can be tough! Guess what though? No worries here… just learn Manong, Manang, Tito, Tita, Kuya and Ate. You will never need anything else 🙂

#6) Bless. If you meet someone elderly, try politely taking their hand and placing it against your forehead. If you say “mano po” while doing this, I bet you will really make their day.

Oh, and one more thing…

Don’t forget to SMILE!!

This country embraces happiness so well, and I know that is something we Canadians really connect with!

Anyways, hope you enjoy your stay.

Amping, Ingat, Halong and Super Apir!

– Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann

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In case you want to follow “Kulas” journeys in the country, you may visit the link below.

Credits to Kyle Jennermann aka Kulas

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