Canadian political commentator on Kris Aquino’s tirade: “These type of pity childish acts is for kids and not for adults Madam Aquino”

Props to Kris Aquino! Her Instagram rant against Mocha Uson has gone international.

Self-proclaimed political scientist and commentator Canadian Amir Assadollahi has taken notice of Kris Aquino’s tirade on Instagram.

However, instead of showering Kris Aquino with praises and kind words, the Canadian commentator scolded the actress for acting like a kindergarten after her father was exposed by Mocha Uson “was not the angel she wants him to look like.”

Assadollahi admitted he could not stop laughing at the thought that Kris quarreled with Mocha over the Aquino name, a brand that Kris wanted to preserve since she can exploit it for economic and political gain.

However, Assadollahi argued this is not about old brands. Rather, it is about what is the fashion today and not three decades ago.

Assadollahi castigated Kris for crying out about Mocha speaking ill about the Aquino name, their brand they cultivated for the last three decades. However, Assadollahi’s beef was that, Kris has no qualms on maligning the Marcoses, and yet when faced with the hard truths about their Aquino name, she cried like a little 5-year-old in the classroom because the students like the new brand better than her daddy’s brand.

Assadollahi clarified it is none his business Kris wanting to keep their brand alive but Kris using it to further her agenda, that he finds disgusting.

Check out the full text of the post below.

LOL – what are we in kindergarten? Kris Aquino is taking this like a little 5-year-old kid in response to the fact that her father was not the angel she wants him to look like.

These type of pity childish acts is for kids and not for adults Madam Aquino.

I can’t stop laughing. Even I, a foriegn observer, can understand the message of Mocha Uson, and certainly it was not about what you have turned it to be like a little kid in school fighting over who should be the crown princes. I understand how important it is to have the last name of Aquino as a brand so you can endorse products and businesses, but that is not about the old brands, it is about what is the fashion today and not three decades ago.

Your type certainly had three decades to tuen yourselves into a brand, and while doing that your brand promoted criminality, corruption and all sort of disloyalty to your nation. You worked so hard to destroy the brand image of Marcos and his children, and yet when it comes to slap your face with facts, you cry like a little 5-year-old and jump up and down in the classroom because the students like the new brand better than your daddy’s brand.

This is not about win or lose, it is about a critical comment on the hypocrisy of media and the hypocrisy of your own brand image. Yes, the truth really must hurt, but that is the fact of life.

Is that your house or the hotel you stay at to make that video? Is that a grand piano behind you? How much is that?

Ah, okay, let me rephrase that – you branded yourself as “The People Power Revolution” sitting in a casual clothes having a grand piano behind you, with TV that probably costs a three to four years of a salary savings of a Filipino salary worker at a company, while 20,000,000 Filipinos are under the poverty line.

There is something wrong with that brand name called “The People Power Revolution” when it is highjacked by those who were just riding the wave.

Madam Kris Aquino, your childish quarrel about wanting to keep your brand name alive is none of my business, but when I see how you use the name of your father to promote your own agenda, I find it disgusting. Probably if your father was still alive, would have grabbed you by the belt and given you a nice spanking for making such a fuss about nothing and pulling his name into your nonsense childish quarrel. Grow up!

Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist/Commentator

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