Canadian political scientist reacts to de Lima’s insistence to attend Martial Law deliberation

When the martial law extension was set for deliberation during a joint session in Congress, de Lima and her camp insisted on attending the spectacle.

Although, de Lima failed to make it to the Martial law deliberation yesterday, Canadian political scientist Amir Assadollahi still went on to castigate de Lima.

“De Lima, narco-politician so desperate to get out of jail, and she wants a way out back into playing politics to continue her plans to destroy Philippines and the Filipinos, but she keeps forgetting that this is not a Monopoly Board Game, and there is no Jail Free Card when a crime is committed”

Which part of this she is not getting?! She is in prison for criminal charges related to drugs in which is part of what is fueling and financing the terror groups and aiding the lawlessness. If she did her job properly when she was a Secretary of Justice and the Commissioner of Human Rights, and if she did not dip her arms into involving drugs and drug money with criminals herself, then she had the right to talk about politics, but as a corrupt person she just has to wait for the due process to take its course. She keeps forgetting why she is in the prison – she is “NOT a prisoner of conscience” but charged with criminal cases, and that is a hole she has been digging for herself for a long time ever since she began her plans for proliferating drugs trade and criminality using her position as a Secretary of Justice and the Commissioner of Human Rights. It is disgusting to see such politicians still think they have the right to involve in politics after their criminal involvements in narco-politics has caused the distraction of lives of many people in the Philippines.

Prison is not enough for such people who have no regrets who forgot they were elected to serve the people and not serve their own interests. Their neck needs to meet the blade of a guillotine as a reminder that no politician or businesses could commit crimes and get a way with it.

She and her corrupt friends in Church, media, businesses and those of her friends who hold political seats are the cause of all the mess in the Philippines due to their incompetence, being corrupt – as simple as that.

Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator (just in case the name clouded the judgment of some readers!)

Netizen Jade Cheehill congratulated the OP for having a good understanding of Philippine politics. “Well said Mr Amir…U understand the real situation in the Philippines. The corrupt & the oligachs want to destabilize the present government so they can be back in power again.. we now have the best President ever… we dont want to lose our President because we dont want to go back tp the old corrupt, oligarchic government again.. we will protect our President by any means.. thank u so much for exposing the bad elements in our country and for believing & supporting our President and what the Filipinos are standing for…”

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