Catholic Bishops’ charity org slams comic book depiction of Mar Roxas as Yolanda ‘hero’

A news report that a Catholic church official is reportedly unhappy with the depiction of Mar Roxas as a ‘hero’ has been published lately in the CBCP website.

Caritas on Mar Roxas as hero

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In the article posted at the CBCP’s online portal called CBCP News, the article says that a Caritas Philippines official “lashed out at a comic book that portrayed presidential candidate Mar Roxas as a “hero” during the height of typhoon Yolanda.”

According to the article, Fr. Edwin Gariguez, executive secretary of Caritas Philippines, called the campaign material “shameful and unacceptable propaganda.”

“In conscience, I need to belie this hypocritical claim of Mar Roxas claiming to be a hero in the emergency response,” Gariguez was quoted as saying in reaction to Roxas’s comic book.

Fr. Gariguez added, “We need to bring truth and decency in our electoral process. A call that I dare to make to all candidates.”

Caritas Philippines aka the National Secretariat for Social Action-Justice and Peace (Nassa), the humanitarian and advocacy arm of the bishops.

It can be recalled that over the weekend, members of the Liberal Party distributed the 28-page comic book “Sa Gitna ng Unos” (In the Eye of the Storm) in Cavite, perhaps to give the cellar-dwelling ratings of the LP bet, a lift.

However, as the comic book made its way into the social media, the LP presidential standard bearer found itself in the middle of a raging tempest as angry netizens lashes at Mar Roxas for allegedly ‘padding’ his exploits in the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda.

Fr. Jazz Siapco, director of Lipa Archdiocesan Social Action Center, also criticized the comic book as “misleading” and only meant to advance a political agenda.

Fr. Siapco added, “He is not a hero. I would consider those who have helped silently in their own little ways the heroes. They are the real heroes.”

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