Catholic faithful scolds CBCP, Archbishop Villegas for attacking Duterte first, but complain when the President hits back

As the CBCP and Arch. Soc Villegas continue to trade barbs with President Duterte, the rift has undeniably made some of the faithful slash Duterte supporter very uneasy.

Facebook user Adolfo Mortera, Duterte supporter couldn’t hide his displeasure at CBCP and Soc Villegas whom he accused of hiding behind the pulpit to attack Duterte since day 1 of his presidency.

Mortera lamented that the church leaders even invited disgraced yellow politicians like de Lima and Sereno to free use of its institutions in their forums against the Duterte government.

Mortera also hits the CBCP and Villegas for using LP’s fake EJK data in anti-Duterte rallies compelling young and innocent school children to wave anti-Duterte placard-bearers prepared by nuns.

And when Duterte strikes back with vengeance, calling them the most hypocritical institution and embarrassed them by endorsing a book containing shocking revelations against one of their own, the CBCP and Soc Villegas quickly wave the persecution card and accusing Duterte of destroying their credibility.

Furious by the CBCP and Soc Villegas’ crybaby attitude, Mortera turned the tables around and gave them a good sermon.

Please read the full text of the post below.

TO CBCP: Attn: Arch. Soc Villegas

You secretly campaigned against President Duterte in 2016.

Without letup, you have been publicly destroying him in your homilies read in all Catholic churches since Day 1 of his presidency.

You allied yourself, your schools & members of the Catholic religious community with the Liberal Party.

You invited disgraced yellow officials like De Lima and Sereno to free use of your institutions in their forums against the administration.

You used LP’s fake EJK data in your anti-Duterte rallies where you exploited adolescent students and compelled them to wave anti-Duterte placards your religious sisters wrote.

The President has hit back, calling you the most hypocritical.institution, and embarrased you with shocking revelations about perversion and immorality committed by priests in the book “Altar of Secrets.”

And now you play victim by crying persecution and accusing the President of destroying your credibility?

Sino ba ang nagsimula ng away?

If you can’t stand the heat, stay away from the kitchen!

If you like politics, throw away your frocks and join LP aka Resist Coalition!

By the way, there’s nothing to destroy about your credibility.
To many Catholics like me, matagal na pong wala!

Your thoughts?

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