Catholic priest and social media influencer FrNongnong fires back at Darryl Yap’s dare to the Catholic church

Do you remember the dare posed by Maid in Malacanang director Darryl Yap to the Catholic church to open the Catholic-run schools for free to the poor if they really want to help?

Well, one Catholic priest who is very active on social media named Father Benny “Nongnong” Tuazon, a Leni Robredo supporter and a vocal critic of Duterte admin and now Marcos admin, was brave enough to respond to Yap’s dare to the Catholic Church.

According to Fr. Benny “Nonong” Tuazon, if Direk Darryl Yap wants Catholic schools to provide free education to the poor, then he must donate. Otherwise, he will let the government subsidize Catholic schools to make his proposal a reality.

Fr. Nongnong did not stop here and went on to highlight the difference between public schools and private schools; public schools are funded by government taxes while private schools aren’t.

FrNongnong argued that Catholic church is helping the government in educating our people. If churches not just Catholics, don’t put up schools, many of our people will go uneducated.

Meanwhile, on Yap’s dare to Catholic schools to make the salary of their teachers at par with public schools, FrNongnong admitted that parochial schools cannot match what the government pays to the public school teachers. Why? Because their earnings is dependent upon the number of enrollees. FrNongnong confessed that many students from private schools are transferring to public schools this year.


Source: Global Daily Mirror

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