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Caught in the act: Young pervert got smack by his female victim inside a jeepney. Watch!

Pervert got smack by her female victim

Pervert got smack by her female victim

Facebook user Danica Jimenez, uploaded the video of a commotion that erupted inside a jeepney between a young woman and a guy seated next to her.

In the beginning, Danica thought it was a merely ‘cat fight’ between quarreling lovers.

She remarked she found the fight between the two amusing.

She even pitied the guy because he was at the receiving end of the swinging fists of the young college girl.

Turned out it was a case of sexual harassment as the young man she took pity on was allegedly a sex pervert.

In the video, the young girl is shown overpowering the young man seated next to her with a couple of slapping punches to his head.

Apparently embarrassed and surprised, the young guy could only raised his arms to parry the girl’s attack as best as he could.

The young man got a short reprieved when another passenger intervened.

Actually, the guy simply handed the girl’s knapsack which fell to the floor of the jeepney when the commotion commenced.

The guy passenger also told the young man to quit, “Tama na yan toy!”

Listening closely, the young man can be heard muttering the words, “Gago ka ah!” The girl responded, “Ikaw ang gago. Hinihipuan mo ako.”

At this juncture, the confusion among the onlookers as to the cause of the commotion is now clear: The young woman was provoked by the young man’s lustful act on her womanhood.

The guy claimed he was only trying to retrieve his loose change (money) that fell on the young girl’s skirt.

The young girl refused to buy the young man’s alibi and hit him some more.

However, a closer look at the video reveals that the young girl is not wearing a skirt, but a short shorts. Are we seeing the same thing? Or it’s me.

anyway, the 84-second video has garnered almost 800,000 views, 4,123 shares and 8,600 comments 5 hours it was published.

At this rate, the video is expected to breach the 1 million views within the day.

Video below:

Posted by Danica Jimenez on Monday, January 16, 2017

How would you react if you are the girl here?

Source: Danica Jimenez

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