Caviteno’s advice to Duterte bashers: Try visiting Davao City even a week & see the difference

A well-travelled Caviteno compared the difference between living in Davao City and in Metro Manila or in other parts of the country. The verdict? You need to visit Davao City even for a week to see the difference.

In a Facebook post shared purportedly not to endorse a particular candidate, but to to inform, netizen Novzky Michelena narrated his experience via the FB Group Freedom Wall.

The netizen narrated that he came to Davao City due to the nature of his work. He was assigned to Davao City in the latter part of 2015 exactly two months before he wrote his post.

For his New Year’s break, he went home to Cavite to be with his family and friends.

He took the late flight from Davao City and arrived past midnight at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

By 1:30 AM, he was out if NAIA terminal 3. So he looked for a jeep to take him to Baclaran and from there, take the bus to Cavite.

The netizen said that when he was on the jeepney, he started to get worried for his safety. He recalled putting his bag in front of him and refrained from using his mobile phone during the short ride to Baclaran.

In addition, he said he tried to look at the faces of the other passengers to be aware who were with him. He said he wanted to be vigilant if there was a threat to him and other passengers.

Out of nowhere, he remembered this is so unlike in Davao City.

Then i remember, Hindi ganito sa Davao…Makakalakad ka sa kalsada dis oras ng gabi, you can use your phone in any public places na walang takot na may mangyari sayong masama… Police visibilty is 24 hours na nagbabantay para sa mga mamamayan..

Before the netizen ended his post, he has a word of advice to Duterte detractors who are spreading lies and disinformation in the social media.

Try to visit Davao City even a week… You can see the difference in other cities in the country…

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