Cebu-based blogger slams ABS-CBN for write-up saying Vanity Fair raves about Kris A’s look at ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ premiere

In the age of social media and internet, it’s hard to make something up and expect to get away with it uncontested.

Well, mainstream media has been lying to the Filipinos for so long that even if social media people catches them red-handed, they just can’t get rid of an old habit – making fake news.

If you’ve noticed lately, the mainstream media has bombarded Facebook feeds of their followers with photos and write-ups of Kris Aquino and son Bimby’s Hollywood conquest via the movie, ‘Crazy, Rich Asians’ like the actress was the main star.

For example, ABS-CBN posted an article with the title, “Vanity Fair raves about Kris Aquino’s look at ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ premiere.

“Raves about Kris Aquino’s look”?

The word ‘raves’ triggered Cebu-based blogger Mike Acebedo Lopez on Facebook and Mike Lopez being Mike Lopez couldn’t resist the opportunity to embarrass ABS-CBN in the eyes of the public by exposing their hypocrisy.

Please read the full text of Mike Acebedo Lopez’s FB post below for your entertainment.

Hoy, ABS-CBN News, where in that Vanity Fair feature did they “rave” about Kris Aquino’s red carpet look? Don’t make things up!

As my friend, fashion connoisseur and magazine editor-in-chief Rione Palacios aptly puts it:

“Fake news. I read the VF article. They were not raving about her style. They merely had a rundown of everyone from the movie on the red carpet. They didn’t even give her outfit a fashion credit. I’m calling this out – FAKE NEWS.”

Netizens who closely followed the movie validated Lopez’s assertion.

Mario Llacuna I have read some write-ups and reviews from some western magazines and newspapers. Oftenly, her name wasn’t even mentioned. Check “Crazy Rich Asians”(Film)in Wikipedia and you’ll find out how miniscule she is. See if you can even find her name or the character she plays there. Actually she is mentioned–second to the last. LOL.

Aimee B. de Guia She wasn’t even included in the cast shot.

Claudette Claude I saw the official trailer of the movie and was waiting for Kris appearance.. till it ends no shadow of her

Reb Liberiaga She wasn’t even mentioned or not even a photo in this article…

Meanwhile, Evelyn Carrillo wonders if everyone is raving about Kris, why can’t ABS-CBN take her back?

If everyone’s raving about her, why can’t abs cbn take her in, why didn’t they renew her contract? Hayzzt, lokohan pa more…..

Fairbank Marie It is only them that thinks or believed that Kris is still that bankable and hindi pa laos…???…They have to make such a press release to upgrade Kris so sponsors will still business and vested interest is all that matters..

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