Cebu Pacific passenger reacts after catching a flight with Pres. Duterte: Grabe ka humble!

While Air Force One is to Trump, Fokker F28 jet is to Duterte. But not anymore, after Duterte ordered it converted as air ambulance for wounded soldiers.

Giving up one’s comfort in favor of our wounded soldiers is admirable enough, but Duterte catching a commercial flight with ordinary Filipinos?

Facebook user Bethany Bermudez Romano shared her video showing a smiling President Duterte at the back of the plane patiently waiting other passengers to take their seats.

Ms. Bethany felt humbled of the experience and captioned her video with this line:

Dili ko ka recover ani! The Rock Star President on our regular flight!!😍😍
Grabe ka humble!! (I can’t recover from this. The Rock Star President on our regular flight! He is very humble!)

Her fellow passengers were equally surprised to see the president on their flight and wants to approach him but the PSG’s prevented them from doing so.

Duterte spoke to the passengers telling he will approach them later. “Maya nlng po ako papasyal dyan,” Duterte assured his fellow passengers.

Netizens applauded President Duterte for his down-to-earth attitude unlike previous presidents.

“Thats our President he dont need special attention. We are so proud of you Tatay Digong you are one of a kind . We love you. Take care po and have a safe trip,” Trish Drawn wrote.

“Yan ang pangulo ko hinde pa VIP mabuhay ka president Duterte,” Terio Hapita Bernardino remarked.

“Waaaw..he stand as a great example to all of us,” Marivic Taylaran McGarrell wrote.

The rest could only hope to catch a flight with President Duterte one day.

“Sana maka sabay ko din po kayo Tatay President Duterte kahit si Bong Go,” Miranda Queens exclaimed.

“Gusto nq sd sya mka sabay s flight,” May Aquino said.

Watch video below.

Dili ko ka recover ani! The Rock Star President on our regular flight!!😍😍
Grabe ka humble!!

Posted by Bethany Bermudez Romano on Sunday, January 22, 2017

This is not the first time Duterte was seen taking a commercial flight. In fact, Bong Go posted their photos on Facebook on board a commercial plane and has been shared many times over but on video? I believe this is a first.

Do you a video to share like this? Share it with us and will published it as soon as possible.

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