Cebuano blogger reacts after former Ateneo dean falls for fake news: “Your doctorate has not made you more discerning yourself”

Ateneo law professor Tony La Viña is one the firsts to call out Mocha Uson when the PCOO Asec falls or shares fake news on Facebook.

But the gods it seem has a dark sense of humor after the former Ateneo Dean of the School of Government was caught sharing on his Facebook timeline a link that netizens described “fake news”.

The article titled, “Canadian fishermen catch record-breaking 320-pound shrimp” shows two men holding a giant shrimp, grinning from ear to ear.

The article was posted by the Canada-based satire website World News Daily Report on March 20, 2018.

However, the “record-breaking 320-pound shrimp” turned out to be fake when the website Snopes fact-checked the World News Daily Report article and found the original photo below.

Credits to for the photo.

Cebuano blogger Mike Acebedo Lopez couldn’t hide his “schadenfreude” moment that someone La Viña’s caliber, a former Ateneo dean and a brilliant lawyer at that would fall for fake news.

As Cebuano blogger Lopez said, La Viña’s doctorate has not made him more discerning.

On Facebook, Lopez writes:

ATTN: Dean Tony La Viña,

Don’t you hate fake news? Your group hates Mocha because she makes honest mistakes but at least she’s always quick to apologize when she does.

But it appears your doctorate has not made you more discerning yourself. Case in point. And this one is OBVIOUSLY fake.

Bravo, so bright. 🙌🏻👏🏻

PS: Kitams? Kaya huwag masyadong judgmental at feeling ikaw lang

And how did the social media reacts to Dean Tony La Viña’s gaffe?

The social media cracks up at the irony that an anti-fake news crusader like Dean Tony La Viña would be victimized by fake news himself.

Netizen Dany Jon says: “What goes around comes back around yeah”

Benigno Antonio remarks in Filipino: “Basag… ang dean hehee”

Emeritus S. Yuson teases La Viña for the amusement of fellow commenters. “Ano ba kayo! Dean Siya! Siya ay matalino..! Ubod ng talino! Galit siya ke mocha kasi MAS maganda si mocha sa kanya! Aminin!”

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