Cebuano blogger says not Bam, not De Lima but Cebuano lawmaker Raul del Mar as real author of Magna Carta for the Poor

Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan!

The line above perfectly describes the social media scene after the Magna Carta for the Poor signed recently into by PRRD.

Supporters of Senator Leila de Lima and outgoing Senator Bam Aquino have been claiming credit on social media that their idols were instrumental for the said law.

Too bad for De Lima and Bam Aquino supporters because Cebuano blogger and PRRD supporter Mike Acebedo Lopez happened to stumble upon their credit-grabbing social media posts and wasted no time to debunk the lies they have been spreading regarding the principal author of the Magna Carta for the Poor bill.

According to Lopez’s FB post, it was Cebuano lawmaker Rep Del Mar who authored that same bill 12 years ago but was snubbed by past presidents, including Bam’s cousin PNoy.

Lopez asked De Lima and Bam Aquino why they didn’t lift a finger then and convinced PNoy to sign the bill into law?

Lopez revealed that De Lima and Bam Aquino’s freeloading signatures (co-authors) almost derailed this but good thing, PRRD looked past the baggage of their co-sponsorship and signed it into law anyway.

In light of the credit-grabbing and self-congratulatory social media posts of the supporters of De Lima and Bam Aquino, Lopez couldn’t contain his anger and vented his frustrations at Bam and Leila via his now trending Facebook post.

As of this writing, Lopez’s FB post has generated more than 800 shares, 2,739 reactions and 138 comments on Facebook.

You may read Mike Acebedo Lopez’s full FB post below.

Hoy, Bam and De Lima, why are you/your supporters claiming credit for the Magna Carta for the Poor which the President signed into law when your lazy asses merely affixed your signatures as co-authors? Aber?

It’s disgusting that you now have the audacity to claim credit when the House Bill that created this law was filed by a Cebuano, Rep Del Mar, 12 years ago.

Bam, you were elected in 2013, and you, Leila, only in 2016, so how can you and your supporters now grab credit from the only president, President Duterte, who’s had the guts to sign into law a piece of legislation your very own Noynoy Aquino was so afraid to enact? Why didn’t you lift a finger then, ha? Why didn’t you tell your sanctimonious shit of a president to sign it into law then? Instead you let him VETO it! Mga bwiset toh!

In fact, your free-loading signatures nearly derailed this. Good thing PRRD looked past the baggage of your co-sponsorship and signed it into law anyway—because, you know, for some of our leaders, there are other things far more important than politics. The plight of the Filipino poor, for one. (Ehem, Mar Roxas!)

This desperate and pathetic bullshit, this brazen credit-grabbing and barefaced lying is exactly why you, your party, are now the world’s BIGGEST LOSERS! Yaaaaks! Shataaap!

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