Cebuano friend of Mayor Sara Duterte slams ex-Cebu City mayor who said Davao City remained ugly despite having a father for a President

Mayor Sara Duterte’s friend and San Beda classmate Atty. Bruce Rivera has run to the defense of his mayor friend from the insults of former Cebu City Mayor and now running for a congressional seat Tomas Osmena.

ICYMI, Tomas Osmena, former Cebu City Mayor took a swipe at Davao City Mayor and frontrunner for Vice President in the 2022 VP race Sara Duterte, saying Davao City remained ugly despite the fact the her father is the President.

Basically, Atty. Bruce said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. As a Cebuano and former mayor of Cebu City, it is but natural for Osmena to say that Cebu City is beautiful than Davao City.

On a serious note, Rivera said was younger as a city when compared to Cebu City. Besides, Davao City took time to develop because it was beset with security problems like communist insurgency, Muslim separatists and terrorism which Cebu City did not have to contend with.

Atty. Bruce stated that Cebu is beautiful but it is already beautiful because of its people who exhibits the spirt of humility not because of Tomas Osmena when he became mayor.

Atty. Bruce wrapped up his tirade against Tomas Osmena by saying that he is just putting down Mayor Sara Duterte because he supports Kiko Pangilinan for Vice President and use the beauty of Cebu City to besmirch Davao City does not make Davao City less attractive than Cebu City.


Sinabi ng naging mayor ulit ng Cebu at running for Congressman na si Tomas OsmeĊ„a na pangit pa din daw ang Davao kahit nasa pwesto si PRD.

So, isa-isahin natin ang import ng sinabi niya.

Kung pangit ang Davao at maganda ang Cebu, hindi naman siguro kasalanan ni Sara yan. At beauty is relative, Tomas.

How you compare Cebu City which was much older and is not in a security risk situation like Davao. Natural, it took longer for Davao to develop because it started much later and they had to deal with both the CPP/NPA, the Muslim separatists and terrorism. And despite all of the problems, Davao is booming like Cebu. Kudos to the people of Davao and the past and present leaders of the city.

More importantly, Cebu is beautiful. And your are not the reason. When you took office, Cebu was already beautiful. It is because of the Cebuano spirit of humility.

Clearly, you will say your city is more beautiful than any other city in the same way others feel about their home.

But when you criticize Inday Sara because you support Kiko and use the beauty of Cebu to besmirch Davao City does not make Davao less attractive than Cebu.

Gapakita ra kung unsa ka ngil-ad imong batasan.


Source: Bruce Rivera

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