Cebuano lawyer disses Sarah Elago for ROTC won’t teach discipline but blind obedience remark: “Nakasubok ka ba ROTC or CAT para alam mo mga sinasabi mo?”

Cebuano lawyer and TV host just dissed Kabataan Partylist Representative Sara Elago on Facebook for her remark that ROTC won’t teach discipline but blind obedience to our youths.

Blind obedience?

Lawyer Bruce Rivera started off the FB post asking Sarah Elago if the Kabataan Representative really meant what she said about ROTC.

Rivera said blind obedience is the same indoctrination technique the NPA uses on its child soldiers.

An experienced lawyer that he is, Rivera fired up one question after the other in the direction of Elago, asking her if she ever experienced ROTC or CAT to test her credibility of making such claim.

Unless, Rivera said, Elago received training in a military environment outside of the AFP and the PNP that qualifies her as a credible source.

Rivera then ribbed Elago by asking her which armed group she got her training.

Rivera the proceeded to make a sarcastic guess that Elago was trained under Renato Reyes Institute or Joma Sison School of Baller and Geriatric Contemporary Dance.

Rivera wasn’t done yet.

This time, Rivera asked Elago if she’s representing Kabataan Partylist because she looked like not under thirty.

Rivera also poked fun at Elago’s eyebags which he said she must have inherited from Kiko Pangilinan and her dry hair that bothered him.

Rivera also noted that Elago’s eyes looks deeply-seated than previously.

Rivera explained that what he was doing was merely constructive criticism and he wants the Kabataan Partylist representative to look youthful since she is representing that sector.

Rivera said he is not being shallow but he is bothered by the excess lack of collagen among the youths today.

Rivera argued for the return of ROTC to make our youth, especially the males, manly, elegant yet strong.

Before signing off, Rivera asked Elago why she was restless of the impending return of ROTC when it is not mandatory for girls.

Rivera joked that Sarah Elago is not her idol Sarah whose boyfriend Matteo is deep in military training.

Anyway, the House of Representatives has just approved the bill making ROTC (Reserved Officer Training Course) mandatory for Grades 11 and 12.

However, the senate version of the bill remains pending at the committee level.

But looking at the makeup of the new senate, it is not far-fetched that ROTC bill will be drafted into law.

You may read Rivera’s full FB post below.


Blind obedience? The same indoctrination technique the NPA uses on its child soldiers. Nakasubok ka na ba ng ROTC or CAT para alam mo mga sinasabi mo? Unless, na train ka din in a military environment outside of the AFP or PNP. Hmmm…saan kaya? Sino kaya ang nagtrain sa yo? Sino kaya ang iba pang armed group na pwede magbigay sa yo ng ganung training? Ahhh, alam ko na…baka ang Renato Reyes Institute or. Blind Obedience and Linggam or perhaps, The Joma Sison School of Ballet and Geriatric Contemporary Dance.

Pero, dito ako nagtataka….Kabataan Partylist ka di ba? Bakit parang hindi ka naman below thirty? Ang eyebags mo parang minana mo yung kay Kiko tapos yung dryness ng buhok, nabother ako. Anlalim pa ng mata mo. Girl, constructive criticism ha, if you are representing the youth sector, make sure you look the part. Youth rep ka pero parang kabatch mo si Madame Dinky.

Hindi ako shallow, talagang na-bother ako sa lack of excess collagen that is prevalent in the youth sector.

Ibalik ang ROTC kasi sigurado ay magiging matikas, matigas at matipuno ang ating mga kalalakihan. Teka, hindi naman mandatory sa babae ang mga ROTC, bakit ka aligaga, Ate Sarah?? Hindi naman ikaw ang Sarah na idol ko na ang jowang si Matteo ay nagmilitary training.

Sumasakit ang ulo ko sa split-ends. Stellllllaaaaaa, make her comb her hair. Utusan mo, Steeeellllllaaaaaa!!

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

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