Cebuano lawyer reacts to Nas Daily telling Filipinos to get angry: “We do not need you talking for us”

An open letter addressed to the controversial Nas Daily written by San Beda law professor (former) and News5 radio host Atty. Bruce Rivera has been making the rounds recently.

In the open letter, Atty. Rivera questions the depth of NAS’ videos because he merely assumes from an outsider point of view what is on the minds of the host country he visits.

Atty. Rivera said that merely meeting a few Filipinos does not make him an expert of Pinoy fabric because Pinoys do not open up their emotions to strangers but we just want to say what foreigners want to hear from us.

Atty. Rivera remarked that Pinoys know Nas is angry man because he is an Arab in a western world and crave for acceptance from a culture that distrust him. So when he met Pinoys, we see his anger and being hospitable people, we merely pander to his anger against the western world.

Atty. Rivera continued his Pinoy culture 101 lecture to Nas, telling him that Pinoys are not angry people. With all the nasty things fate has been throwing at us – the typhoons, earthquakes, corrupt regimes, ambitious morons who can box, and a destructive oligarch, Pinoys should have been angry at God.

Instead, Pinoys have shown resilience, compassion remained good-natured and forgiving people so we do not get angry, Atty. Rivera wrote.

Atty. Rivera remarked rather that than get mad, Pinoys would rather pray. We managed to revolt peacefully and we manage to focus our anger on electing a president who is angry on those who made us angry to begin with. We don’t hide our discontent, Nas. And satisfaction surveys show a lot of Filipinos are satisfied. Our lives are not perfect but we have a government trying its best.

Atty. Rivera agreed Filipinos should be angry because of the economic slump, pandemic, lockdowns and what not.

However, Filipinos do not make anger as our default emotion. But we are not made of that stuff. Because anger is the emotion of the weak and ignorant, Atty. Rivera wrote.

Filipinos are strong and informed, Atty. Rivera asserted.

Atty. Rivera ended the open letter by telling Nas that Filipinos do not need him talking for us.

As of this writing, Atty. Rivera’s FB post has gathered 1,920 reactions, 159 comments and 141 shares in less than 24 hours and counting.


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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