Cebuano lawyer to Manny Pacquiao: Huwag naisin ang isang posisyon na yung hindi nga naalog ang utak ay hirap na hirap gawin


This is essentially the theme of News 5 radio host and Bedan Lawyer Bruce V. Rivera’s latest FB article in reaction to Senator Manny Pacquiao taking a jab at President Duterte’s response to the pandemic and WPS issue, which he found wanting.

Atty. Rivera began by recalling when not so long ago, Manny Pacquiao made the justification why he chose to support then Vice President Binay’s presidential bid in the 2016 election.

That was when Binay was leading all presidential surveys and then Davao City mayor and now President Duterte was still agonizing whether to throw his hat in the presidential derby or not.

“FYI: Dati sabi ni Pacquiao ang presidente niya ONLY BINAY. Kasi tumutulong sa mahihirap,” Atty. Rivera said.

Which is a total opposite of Atty. Rivera’s philosophy when choosing a President to support or campaign for.

“AKO: Kung iboboto kong Presidente lahat ng tumutulong sa mahihirap, pati mga plastik na tumutulong pero papogi lang ay pwedeng susumbatan ako pag di ko binoto.”

“Mali po,” Atty. Rivera said of Pacquaio’s mindset when choosing a Presidential candidate.

Atty. Rivera went on to elaborate the attribute of the President he supports. Basically, what he wants is a President who will try to understand the poor not distribute dole outs as his way of helping. The poor, Atty. Rivera said, don’t need pity. The poor need not be a deadweight. Besides, not all people who help do not want something in return. He cited politicians who suddenly becomes really merciful during election season but when the election is over, we can’t tell if they really are merciful or benevolent because they don’t make their presence felt.

“Ang pangulo ko imbes na tulungan ako ay intindihin ang mahirap. Hindi namin kailangan ng bigay. Hindi namin kailangan ng awa. Hindi namin kailangan maging pabigat. At hindi lahat ng tumulong ay hindi humingi ng kapalit. Kasi yung tumutulong kung malapit na ang eleksiyon ay totoong maawain PAG eleksiyon. Pag hindi eleksiyon, yan ang di natin alam kasi di sila nagpaparamdam.”

Atty. Rivera defined that the most meaningful way to help is to unburden the hardship of the poor. Meaning? Make the lives of the poor less difficult by teaching and giving them dignity to stand on their own. A politician who promises to help but did not deliver and the poor remain poor is not helping at all.

“Ang totoong tulong ay yung aalisin ang hirap sa mahirap. Turuan at bigyan ng dignidad tumayo. Ang pulitiko na may promise sa mahirap pero wala pa din nangyayari at dukha pa din sila, hindi yan pagtulong. Botante ka na boboto kung patuloy ka pa din maghirap kaya bakit mo kailangan guminhawa? Baka yumaman pa at tumakbong senador.”

Atty. Rivera asked Pacquiao why the public would believe his promises now when Binay lost his presidential bid, he suddenly became a pro-Duterte, Besides, Atty. Rivera said, it is too early to play politics.

“Only Binay? Paano kami maniniwala sa pangako mo ngayon kung nung natalo na si Binay ay bigla ka na lang naging pro-Duterte. At ang aga pa. Wala pa nga bakuna sa CoVid, manghahawa ka ng trapo virus.”

Once again, Atty. Rivera reiterated his appeal to Senator Pacquiao. He quipped Pacquiao has been very lucky in boxing. Do not aspire for a position that even those whose brain did not experience concussion found it very challenging to perform.

“Please lang po. Sinwerte ka sa boxing. Huwag naman naisin ang isang posisyon na yung hindi nga naalog ang utak ay hirap na hirap gawin.”

“Please lang,” Atty. Rivera appealed to Pacquiao for the nth time.

Note: Atty. Bruce V. Rivera is a Cebuano from Carcar Cebu. Manny Pacquiao is from Gen. Santos City, a Cebuano speaking Mindanaoan, whose mother, Mommy D. has roots in Leyte, another Cebuano speaking province in the Visayas.


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

PLEASE LANG FYI: Dati sabi ni Pacquiao ang presidente niya ONLY BINAY. Kasi tumutulong sa mahihirap. AKO: Kung iboboto…

Posted by Bruce V. Rivera on Monday, May 3, 2021

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