Cebuano socmed political analyst says Senator Kiko Pangilinan “SANA ALL” speech made him BIGGEST LAUGHING STOCK in Social Media


This is how microblogger Jun Abines reacted to Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s acceptance speech as Leni Robredo’s VP tandem.

Abines said Kiko Pangilinan’s “SANA ALL” speech earned him the distinction as the month’s favorite clown.

Kiko Pangilinan is now the favorite clown of the month. He delivered his speech “Sana All” with full confidence, emotion and drama. The words he uttered were all okay. His acting was okay too. The only problem is that, the Filipino people knew who is Kiko Pangilinan inside out. Kiko was reading the wrong speech.

Abines blamed the speechwriter for failing to do research about Senator Pangilinan because speeches like that does not match the senator’s real personality.

Whoever wrote Kiko’s speech failed to do research about him. Kiko Pangilinan is a Trapo and “user-friendly” personality since 1988. Emotional patriotic speech is not fit for Kiko. The man is the exact opposite of a true Patriot.

Rather than painting Senator Kiko as a credible VP contender, the mismatch speech made Kiko the biggest dumbest, the biggest clown and biggest laughing stock in social media.

The marriage between a well written Patriotic speech and Dumbish Kiko was supposed to paint him as a credible VP contender. Sadly, it was a mismatch. The result was catasthrophic! Kiko just become the BIGGEST DUMB, THE BIGGEST CLOWN & THE BIGGEST LAUGHING STOCK in Social Media.

Move aside Leni Robredo! Let’s all welcome KIKO “Sana All” Pangilinan, the newest star in the Pink Circus, Abines wrote.

Abines said if he was Senator Kiko’s speechwriter, he would have wrote something that perfectly match Kiko’s real self.

If I were Kiko’s speech writer, I would have writtten something realistic. Something fit for Kiko:

Sana all, may UTAK!

Sana all, may HIYA SA SARILI!

Sana all, alam na pareho lang DILAW at PINK!


Source: Jun Abines

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