Celeb, journalist defends Manny Pacquiao in wake of de Lima senate chairmanship ouster controversy

When Manny Pacquiao announced his intention to run for a Senate seat, he was met with skepticism and ridicule by Filipinos because no one thinks he has the mettle to survive in the parliamentary slug fest.

But it all changed yesterday as Manny Pacquiao is proving to be a fast learner!

Yesterday, when it was least expected, Senator Pacquiao delivered the knock out punch that sent Senator Leila de Lima tumbling out of the Senate floor figuratively speaking.

The video below shows Senator Pacquiao taking up the Senate podium and asked the Senate president to move the Senate chairmanship and its members of the powerful senate committee on justice and human rights vacant.

In a 16-4 vote, Senator Leila de Lima was stripped of the chairmanship of the Committee on justice and human rights and replaced by Senator Richard Gordon.

As a result, Senator Pacquiao’s motion has sparked different reactions from netizens on social media.

In fact, Senator Pacquiao has spawned funny and witty memes as a gesture of appreciation for his epic move in the senate floor.

A fitting tribute to Manny Pacquiao has been immortalized in the words of journalist Malou Tiquia of Manila Times that reads:

History was made today, 19 September 2016 at the Senate. The first to unseat a chairman and members of a Standing Committee. He was ridiculed and nobody expected a motion from him, invoking plenary powers. Today, the Pambansang Kamao was a giant among giants in the annals of the Senate.

Meanwhile, netizen Manuel Castaneda thinks otherwise…

I wouldn’t give him that much credit. On his own, he wouldn’t have thought of the move to declare the committee vacant. For sure, napag-utusan lang.

Manila Times columnist Malou Tiquia has a different take on Manny Pacquiao’s move yesterday…

True Manuel Castaneda but the audacity for a neophyte to invoke that is what I like best!

Eggay Rillo Mangubat runs to the rescue of Senator Pacquiao and says:

Kahit ba napag utusan sya – ginamit pa din niya ang kanyang isip -siguro hindi naman uto uto yan basta padadala sa buyo!

Netizen Manuel Castaneda is not convinced at all and says:

hmmm…. he probably didn’t know what it was all about!

Celebrity Arnell Arevalo Ignacio disagrees with Manny Castaneda and shares his insights on Manny Pacquiao based on his personal experience…

I have been attending hearings on sports as pàgcor rep. He is doing an amazing job as i have posted before. Been meeting him i wont be surprise if he delivers more knockout legislative punches

Netizen Ross Elle jumped in the conversation to defend Pacquiao…

Problema kasi sir Arnell Arevalo Ignacio, may mga taong yung concept nila ng galing eh nakakahon lang. At minamata masyado si Pacman komo wala syang matinding educational at political pedigree.

But netizen Manuel Castaneda remains unconvinced…

I am sorry but I am still not too impressed with Manny Pacquiao. I far as I am concerned, he is a superb boxer and that’s about it. I still question his motives in joining the senate. I don’t buy the b.s. na “gusto yang makatulong”. It is still to enhance his self esteem. That’s about it.Yes, I also question his educational and political competence. He will not survive without the help of his advisers and that does not speak well of him. I don’t think he learned anything when he was a congressman. He hardly showed up in Congress!

Netizen Ross Elle argues that educational attainment is not the sole basis for intelligence…

That is why you cannot question intelligence by mere educational attainment only. He has the common sense of hiring educated and experienced people in his team to get him ready and going as a senator. Sir Manuel, not all highly educated ones make the most intelligent moves and actions. Just look at Delima and Roxas. But what the Pacman did is certainly a very intelligent one. Political or otherwise.

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Source: Malou Tiquia


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