Change is coming indeed! Motorist recounts encounter with traffic enforcer who refused a bribe

Change is coming indeed!

A post recounting the story of a motorist who personally witnessed the gradual shift of the attitude of the Filipinos has been doing the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post shared more than 7,900 times, Top Gear Philippines published the story of the woman motorist who had an ’embarrassing’ encounter with a traffic officer in EDSA.

According to the woman motorist, she tried to bribe the traffic enforcer after getting flagged down for beating the red light in EDSA but she ended up red-faced after the traffic enforcer told her, “Ma’am, wag na po, magagalit si Digong. Ingat po kayo.”

Please read the FULL text of her narratives of the encounter below:

Last night, I was flagged down by a traffic officer for beating the red light. I am five months pregnant, and being stuck in EDSA traffic on a cold, rainy night was torture, as I constantly need to pee in this condition.

I begged him not to take my license as it would be an inconvenience for me (I am from Cavite). So I handed him a P500 bill.

He was about to hand me back my license when he also handed back the P500 bill, saying, ‘Ma’am, wag na po, magagalit si Digong. Ingat po kayo’. I felt guilty for even trying to bribe him.

But I felt proud and happy because for the first time after so many years of driving in Manila, a traffic officer refused a bribe. He was clearly struggling to take the money, but in the end he didn’t, and that’s what matters.

In the middle of EDSA traffic–rain and all–I felt hopeful and rubbed my belly. I told my soon-to-be-born baby, “Your future might just be a little better…change could really be happening!”


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