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#ChangetheConstitution: Open letter prods PRRD to change the Cory Constitution now, says this is our only chance! Agree or disagree?

A Facebook post urging PRRD to change the Constitution has been making the rounds online and getting positive feedback among Pinoy Facebook netizens.

DDS blogger and Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu strongly campaigned for Charter Change on Facebook, telling PRRD that it’s NOW is the perfect time to do it.

Chu cited various favorable conditions that makes changing the Cory Constitution ripe for the picking.

You may read Krizette Laureta Chu’s full FB post below.

Dear President Duterte,

This is the perfect chance and time to do whatever you want to do, and change the Constitution to finally benefit the Filipino.

You have super majority in Senate.

You have super majority in Congress.

You have most of the Supreme Court’s support, and SJ Lucas Bersamin is your appointee.

Most importantly, you have 80 percent approval from Filipinos. 9 percent undecided are just shy, kami na bahala don.

Which means 4 out of 5 Filipinos love you. Which means when push comes to shove and we have to take to the streets, 4 Filipinos will gang up on one. Sisiw.

The military supports and loves you.

The PNP is thankful for your support, your respect, and your pay raise.

Your Cabinet Secretaries all love you and work hard to make your vision come true.

For the first time, you have a United Cabinet who support and prop each other up, instead of one-upping each other and joining factions (ehem, Balay and Samar, ehem.)

The first half of your term was to get the wheels turning.

You have laid the groundwork and now it’s time, as you start the second half of your term, for your long term plans to be
put in action.

Change the Constitution now. This is our only chance.

There will never be another leader like you, and so there will never be another chance like this.



Krizette and 80 percent (plus 9 percent na nagpapapilit lang) of Filipinos

Check out the mixed reactions of netizens below.

Gie Ruaya Migriño Agree with you Krizette…. never in Phil history does a sitting president is loved by 80% plus me…and the shy ones.

Pinks Scottie
 Yes, yes, this is PRRD’s chance to change the Constitution before the YELLOWSHIT will start thinking to stop him or trying to impeach him.

Rielo Maderazo Vargas
 Its now or never,we can’t wait anymore Mr.President.

Lydia Antonio Hopefully it will be put into reality within his term…mabuhay ka Pres. Duterte…mabuhay ang Pilipinas

Robert Angelo Alesna Damn. This is well written. Lapit na ako umiyak. The numbers you presented, the percentage, dmn surreal! SURREAL that’s the word. Lapit mag ka totoo. But seriously, I’d be crying right now if you’ve refuted our current constitution than bicker over how dds take over by numbers. Lol

Ramiv Garcia Legaspi miss krizette, although i agree with you, your statement may be construed by the other parlor na para bang kayang baliin ni prrd ang batas dahil kanya ang mga tao, alam mo naman sila

Your comment?

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