Character actress Beverly Salviejo hits back at Maria Ressa of Rappler for calling her ‘propagandist’?

Did Maria Ressa call character actress Beverly Salviejo propagandist?

Not really. Here’s what happened.

An online petition asking to revoke the dual citizenship of Maria Ressa of Rappler has been making the rounds online.

The online petition did reach Maria Ressa’s ears, and as expected, the Rappler CEO got peeved and called the online petitioners ‘propagandist’.

Character actress Beverly Salviejo, apparently one of the online petitioners didn’t like Maria Ressa’s choice of word and hit back at Maria Ressa via a Facebook post.

Salviejo argued if there was someone deserving to be called ‘propagandist’, it’s not the online petitioners but Maria Ressa.

Salviejo said that Ressa is not a freedom fighter as she wants the world to believe but a law breaker and a tax evader.

In anger, Salviejo bared that she wants Maria Ressa out of the country and returned her to where she belongs.

BTW, according to various sources, Maria Ressa is a US and Philippine passport holder.

You may read Salviejo’s full post now.

MARIA ELAINE CORNEJA on Maria Ressa and Rappler calling all those who signed the petition for Maria Ressa’s dual citizenship to be revoked as propagandists……

Propaganda??? Who are actually the propagandists? Who has the power, the influence, and has the backing of the international media? Maria Ressa really does not deserve to be called a Filipino! When she is misinforming the world of what is going on in my country, when she is maligning our elected President and our Government internationally….. what do they call those acts then?

Now that we, ordinary Filipinos are letting our voices heard to the whole world, they call us part of the propaganda machine of the Government? Really??? They are insulting our intelligence and diminish our efforts to correct the negative impression that Maria Ressa and her cabal have created against us and our country globally! I am so enraged now!

I am fine with people having a different political opinion. I am fine even if they will go to the streets so they can be heard. What I cannot take and feel so strongly affronted was when these people would go out of the country and intentionally malign our President and country. I take it personally as a Filipino when they wantonly mislead, and misinform the international community against us. That for me is TREASON! That’s why I am holding Maria Ressa and those that are like her accountable for destroying the image of my country in the world!

We all know, that if we wanted to Filipinos have the guts to rise as one and throw out any leader that we wanted out of office. So, why is Ressa and her cabal trying to make it look like that we are fools under a dictatorship??? We all know, we are definitely as free as we can dream of right now. We also know that in this Government, all dissenters can and has done all that they can without being harmed, jailed, or harassed. Maria Ressa is a different breed of an animal. She is NOT a freedom fighter as she tried to fool the world. She is actually a Law breaker, tax evader, and now being sued by an individual she has destroyed unfairly years ago. She should face her accuser squarely in the courts than try to play the “victim card”. She does not deserve my sympathy! I actually hold her in so much contempt. She is part of the propaganda machine of those that are trying to keep their hold of my country! I want her out of my country and Go back to where she belongs!

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