Chinese coach says we can have the Spratlys should they lose tonight!

Gilas Pilipinas will face China in FIBA ASIA Finals

Credits to ABS-CBN.

The Gilas Pilipinas is set to meet China in the FIBA ASIA Finals at 8:30 PM RP time. The winner will book an outright berth for the Summer Olympics in Brazil and of course the bragging rights as the best in Asian basketball. But there is more at stake than basketball glory tonight.

During the post-game interview after the Chinese basketball team defeated the powerhouse team of Iran 70-57 with total dominance, the Chinese coach Gong Luming was asked about the Chinese basketball chances against the winner of the Philippines versus Japan match which the former won, the Chinese coach answered very confidently.

Go Luming is so confident that he even said in jest that the Philippines can have the Spratly Islands should they lose to the Jason Castro led Gilas Pilipinas team. The press room erupted in laughter apparently the people present are aware of the political undertones of the Chinese coach jabs towards the Gilas boys.

If ever the report is true and reaches the Gilas Pilipinas dugout, this is the best motivator for our boys to die in the basketball court so to speak and show the Chinese that disrespecting our skills in the court is wrong.

So Gilas Pilipinas fans, let us pray and summon all the saints that our Gilas boys will give their all in the basketball court tonight and show the Chinese coach that we Filipino loves to joke around but inside the basketball court we are dead serious.

What do you think our chances against Chinese basketball team tonight?

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