Chinese national to Pinoy friend – 75% alcohol or chlorine disinfectant can effectively eliminate coronavirus, dies if exposed in 56°C environment for 30 mins.

Let us start with the bad news.

As of this writing, 80 people have died because of the corona virus and 2,800 confirmed cases in China as per CNN International article dated January 27, 2020.

But don’t get depressed. There have been some good news too if the FB post of ex-DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III is to be believed.

Alunan shared the message of a FB follower who has a Chinese friend.

1. China has developed a testing set for CoronaVirus and is currently being distributed nationwide. It can accurately confirm the presence of coronavirus on any suspect who has fever within 2-3 hours.

2. The new coronavirus are easily distorted by medical-grade alcohol. 75% alcohol or Chlorine disinfectant can effectively eliminate the coronavirus.

3. The new coronavirus can’t stand high temperature environment. It dies if exposed in 56°C environment for 30 mins.

For those in the winter zone, if you have heating system in the house, you should turn on the system and keep the indoor temperature above 20°C because the coronavirus can’t survive long in warm environment. You should keep your house’s heating and ventilation system turned on during this period.

Utensils should be regularly disinfected and sterilized by boiling in 100°C water to totally eliminate all viruses. Eat only cooked foods; don’t eat raw foods for the time being.

Perhaps OCD could check this out and if found to be correct, it should be made part of the info kit.

One netizen commented that perhaps this explains why PH has no confirmed corona virus victims yet. “Maybe that’s why Philippines has no confirmed 2019Ncov cases, cuz of the warm weather and warm people.”

Another netizen joked that Corona virus won’t survive in Davao and Gen San because they are just 3KM from the sun. “Dili ni musaler sa davao ug gensan, 3 kms away man mi from the sun “

Based on the Huffington Post article, it appears that the Chinese national was telling the truth, specifically on the claim that 75% medical-grade alcohol can kill the virus. The article did not mention though of humidity killing the virus. [Link here]

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Source: Rafael Alunan III

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