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Chito Miranda defends Duterte on the Pope cursing issue

Chito Miranda defends Duterte

Chito Miranda defends Duterte

The detractors of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte took the opportunity to attack him after the good Mayor of Davao City allegedly curse Pope Francis after getting stuck in traffic for 5 hours or more during the Papal visit.

One of the most notable personality that cried foul on the alleged Duterte cursing of the Pope is none other than Presidential spokesperson Sec. Edwin Lacierda and tweeted this:

This is not surprising. The Filipino people are very involved in politics and the various social media platforms are our venues to express our thoughts on every aspect that we deemed important to our lives.

On the other end of the poltical spectrum, Chito Miranda of the popular band, ‘Parokya ni Edgar’ who is a known Duterte supporter posted his reaction on the famous Duterte cursing of the Pope and said:


I value my faith more than anything, even my country.

I love and respect the Pope a lot more than Duterte.

Pero honestly, di naman ako na-offend sa speech nya. Di naman ganun katanga si Duterte para murahin nya si Pope sa context na pinapalabas ng ibang tao. (Honestly, I am not offended by Duterte’s speech. I understand he is not a fool to curse the Pope which his detractors wants us to believe.)

As I said before, alam ko hindi sya santo. (as I’ve said before, I knew he is not a saint.) And as I also said before, I don’t always agree with everything Duterte says or does…but I still firmly believe that he is what our country needs.

Hindi dahil nawalan na ako ng tiwala sa Pilipinas at sa mga Pilipino, but because naniniwala ako na gusto nya talaga ayusin ang Pilipinas. (Not because I have lost faith in my country and my fellow Filipinos, but because I believed that Duterte really wants to fix this country).

His plans go beyond “killing pushers and rapists” as others limit and dismiss his capabilities to. Tingin ko hindi nya rin papabayaan makalusot yung mga kurakot na pulitiko at mga kalokohan na nagaganap sa iba’t-ibang gov’t agencies. ( As I see it, he does not want the corrupt politicians to continue with their merry ways; same goes with the corrupt practices happening in other government agencies.)

Again, opinion ko lang naman ito. It may differ from yours, and I will respect that, as long as you respect mine.

Peace and goodvibes sa inyong lahat. (Again, this is merly my opinion. It may differ from yours, and I will respect that, as long as you respect mine. Peace and good vibes to you all!)

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