CNN Philippines reacts on de Lima’s arrest compared to Ninoy Aquino: Grabe namang framing yan. Yun ba ang script? #facepalm

In a Facebook post, CNN Philippines Malou Tiquia expressed her indignation on Senator Pimentel’s order barring de Lima’s arrest in the senate.

“I am very, very disappointed with Senate President Koko Pimentel,” Tiquia wrote on Facebook.

The Manila Times columnist continued: “I understand Sen. Delima was your pro bono lawyer in your electoral protest. But if you can stab a knife n turn its handle against VP Binay, the man who partly helped you financially on your 2007 campaign n who assisted you in your electoral protest, you can surely have balls to take the high ground and allow the arrest to be made.”

Tiquia scolded Pimentel and de Lima for disrespecting the process which they are part of: “The Senate is not the hiding place of people sworn to observe the law. You and Delima are bar topnotchers, officers of the Court, let the process be made and argue the case in court. That is our system, not perfect, but that is how it is.”

“To the person who said, ‘if this can be done to a Senator, it can be done to any of us.’ Opo, tama yan! Yun ang proseso. Pero ang ordinaryong tao, tulad natin, arestado kaagad. Minsan, tayo pa ang pumupunta para tapos na and isyu. Si Dayan nga, arestado na at nag-piano na. Si Delima ay nagpaiba-iba pa. Nagpalipat-lipat pa. Sa Senado, may poder sya,” the indignant Tiquia wrote.

Tiquia also addressed the TV station who likened de Lima to Ninoy Aquino.

“Sa TV station na nag interview ngayong umaga. Si Delima ay hinambing kay Ninoy. Grabe namang framing yan. Yun ba ang script? #facepalm. Gusto nga palang maging martir o hero…”

Tiquia ended her post by reminding her supporters and sympathizers that de Lima is accused of a reprehensible crime.

“Si Delima ay nakasuhan dahil sa violation ng Sec 5 ng Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Law (RA9165).”

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