College of law classmate gives plausible explanation on Sara Duterte’s good showing in presidential surveys

For the nth time, Davao City Mayor and Presidential daughter Sara Duterte Carpio emerged as the runaway winner of the Pulse Asia Survey, maintaining her double digit lead over Marcos, Pacquiao and Domagoso.

For sure, the Opposition political strategist must be shaking in their boots and wetting their pants thinking they’ll have their hands full should Sara Duterte changes her mind and make a dash for the Presidency despite repeated pronouncements she is not interested.

So the number 1 question of the Opposition and even the public is: “Why is Sara Duterte leading in presidential despite repeated pronouncements she is not running?”

Bedan lawyer Bruce V. Rivera offers an interesting insight in a Facebook article with the title “The Real Score”.

Atty. Rivera opens the article by making a list of the things any traditional politicians who are planning to run for a national position would do for media mileage. Curiously, the consistent survey topnotcher isn’t doing any of those mention in the list.

“Bakit ganito? Si Sara hindi nagprisinta maging pangulo. She does not even try to be presidentiable. Bihira siya pumapatol sa national issues, wala siyang social media she personally maintains, hindi mo siya nakitang kinakausap ang Metro Manila media, walang MMK or telenovela appearance or guesting and she openly disagrees with his father and give tongue lashing sa mga pasaway na kakampi ni PRD. She stays in her own lane and keeps to her own. In short, she has never shown any interest to seek the presidency.”

Atty. Rivera remark that 27% is no joke. Perhaps, Atty. Rivera says that the Run Sara Run campaign must have been a factor or her lack of enthusiasm has an opposite but positive effect.

“Pero 27% is really substantial. Nakatulong siguro ang Run Sara Run. Perhaps her lack of enthusiasm is appealing kasi natuto na tayo na hindi lahat na nagpiprisinta ay may K. Or perhaps the fact that her HNP has become proof of her ability and capacity.”

“Pero, this is the most plausible explanation,” Atty. Rivera switches gear and turns serious to offer his two cents worth.

“The daughter is an extension of the father. It shows how his leadership is after 5 years. When usually presidents are lame ducks in their last year in office, PRD is still political game. The opposition still wants him to fail because they fear a more mysterious and initially palatable successor,” Atty. Rivera writes.

Atty. Rivera laments that the Opposition are attacking President Duterte because they are threatened of Sara. Sara’s high rating in the survey is because the President is a great leader. Therefore, Sara’s high rating in the surveys is a slap to the faces of those who attack PRRD on his failure to lead.

“So, kung tinitira nila si PRD dahil threatened sila kay Sara. At mataas si Sara sa survey dahil magaling na pangulo ang tatay. So those who attack PRD on his failure to lead ang nasasampal sa fact na ang tao mismo ang nagsasabi kung bagsak ba talaga.”

Atty. Bruce ended the post by painting picture inside Sara Duterte’s war room. Imagine Sara isn’t even making any move and yet, she’s stopping the surveys. That’s really, really scary!

“Sara is still not even talking about it. Mas pinag-uusapan pa namin ang mga scammers na ginagamit ang pangalan namin. Sana magbago.”


Source: Bruce Rivera

The Real Score Bakit ganito? Si Sara hindi nagprisinta maging pangulo. She does not even try to be presidentiable….

Posted by Bruce V. Rivera on Thursday, April 22, 2021

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