College professor slams Inquirer reporter who said mainstream media critics need talking heads to start #LeniLeaks probe

While mainstream media opts to stay mum on the #LeniLeaks issue, a brave reporter decided to speak up & lash back at critics on Saturday, January 7,2017.

Jaymee Gamil, a female reporter from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, explains why the mainstream media remains indifferent towards the #LeniLeaks scandal that has been widely talked about in the social media.

“This is why bullshit like LeniLeaks won’t prosper. Because online intrigue don’t translate well to formal complaints in official fora. Don’t agree? Then go ahead and try filing a legal complaint (for treason, was it?) based on supposed screenshots of a defunct Yahoo!Group, captured and circulated on Facebook by someone in Europe. 😂 If you do that, I promise you the Philippine media will cover that, too. Like it did this story,” Ms. Gamil told critics.

Playing generous, Ms. Gamil shares  a few “closely guarded” secrets of the pros like her, to help the cause of the critics who have been trying hard but failed to draw the attention of the mainstream media to report the #LeniLeaks on primetime TV news.

Pro-tip: Don’t bully the media into covering you. If you’re not ready to file a complaint, try calling a press conference for your allegations. Most of the time, we just need talking heads. Actual people, not online or distant phantoms, willing to take responsibility for their statements.

Despite failing to get the critical numbers of likes and shares in the social media to be considered a viral post, Ms. Gamil’s Facebook post still managed to get the attention of  Dr. Antonio Contreras of the political science department of De La Salle University.

In case you don’t know Dr. Contreras, he is one of the biggest social media influencers on Facebook when we speak of politics.

On Saturday morning, January 7, 2017, a furious Dr. Contreras wrote a stinging rebuke directed at the female Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter on Facebook to the delight of his followers.

“Oh, so traditional media still need talking heads?

To traditional media, if you don’t think social media people are legit sources of news, then you are still living in the dark ages of journalism. Kaya kayo pinapakain ng alikabok sa engagements.

Anong klaseng school ng journalism pinag-aralan ninyo? Hindi ba dahil may inilabas si Sass at si Thinking Pinoy, hindi ba trabaho ninyo ang hanapin sila, kapanayamin, para sa istorya.

Taena, e yung mga namamatay sa tokhang hindi naman yan nagpapainterview. Yung mga nagagahasa ng adik, hindi naman nagpapapress-conference ang pamilya niyan. Pero dahi balita, kahit saan lupalop pa ng mundo hinahanap ninyo maka-exclusive lang kayo. At ang gaganda pa ng mga kuha ninyong pictures. Pang-award.

Kaya kayo napag-iiwanan. Masyado kayong so full of yourselves. Hinahabol ninyo dapat ang balita, at hindi ang balita ang humahabol sa inyo.

Katamaran yang ginagawa ninyo. O baka naman nasanay na kayo na yung mga PR ng mga pulitiko ang lumalapit sa inyo na may dalang pamasko o pondo.”

In the meantime, the public, who are following the developments on the social media, are waiting in bated breathe for the Leni Robredo camp to issue a statement on the matter.

Anyway, this has been the trend when the Robredo camp are forced in a corner.

What is your take on the verbal war between the opposing camps? Please let us know by commenting below.