Comelec Chair Andy Bautista comparing his cabinet getting ransacked to r@pe draws harsh reactions on social media

When interviewed by ANC News Channel, Comelec Chairman Bautista describe his emotion after he found out that his cabinets has been ransacked, the former compared it to men getting r@ped.

“I never knew a man could be a victim of rape. That’s how I felt when I found that my cabinets have been ransacked.”

Bautista’s statement has been met with ridicule on social media.

On Twitter, a netizen named Dee asks netizens to educate Bautista about what it feels like to be r@ped.

“Can someone educate Bautista: Male OFW in Saudi critical after being beaten up, raped by 4 men.”

Meanwhile in Facebook, netizens have been more harsh towards the Comelec Chair.

Vey Kar wrote: “Hnlayo, p’re…. sobrang layo ng analogy…. tsaka pano ka magiging biktima kung ikaw yung nakahiga sa limpak-limpak na salapi? :-D”

Ma Yenne commented: “He’s in a panic mode! Wow!! 😂😜😂😜 He doesnt know na what to say!! Hahaha.. nagsalimo-ang na c Andy Bird!!”

Jett De Jesus asked: “raising the “R@PE VICTIM CARD” …whats next …?”

Jack Sotto remarked: “It wasn’t r@pe. She found proof of your wickedness.”

Dyowel Estocado Mangibin accused Bautista of playing the victim card. “Victim card ang hugot ni andres bautista!!. Lol”

Andre Navarro said: “Kinumpara ang babae sa kabinet.”

Jeane Adrian Formaran wrote: “iyak si bautista, mismong asawa ang nagbulgar, gahaman na sa bansa, gamahan pa sa pamilya.”

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