COMELEC Spokesperson James Jimenez speaks up on BBM disqualification case filed by anti-Marcos camp

A Facebook post from a pro-Marcos FB page named Team Bbm 2022 plastered the statement from James Jimenez with regards to the DQ case filed by Marcos critics, apparently to send a message to anti-Marcoses that even someone from Comelec is on their side.

According to Comelec Spokesperson James Jimenez, “under the law, a person must be convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or for an offense where the penalty is at least 18 months in jail to be disqualified.”

“He doesn’t meet this criteria. Right now there is no clear case for disqualification.”

Netizens who are apparently pro-Marcos fired away and shared their sentiment on the issue by commenting on the thread as a show of support to BBM.

This netizen said the Dilawans are desperate because BBM appears to be the early favorites among the presidential aspirants.

Desperado na nga tungaw na dilawan alam nila na delikado sila dahil sobrang lakas ni bbm natatakot na sila.

Another asked what the anti-Marcos will do next out of desperation.

Oh anu na? Anu na ang susunod nyong gagawin para siraan at pigilan si BBM? Halata na ang pagpapanic nyo Kasi alam nyong sya ang sinisigaw ng taong bayan.

To which another netizen agree that the anti-Marcos camp is doing everything out of desperation.

Ganyan mga desperado, gagawin lahat para mawala un malakas na kandidato , na karapatdapat mamuno at mag buklod sa watak watak na pilipino, bbm2022

This netizen rallies fellow BBM supporters to protect him from the dirty tactics of his rivals.

..and The Filipino people know that full well! Yung mga katungali lang ni BBM cannot hide their desperate move being THREATENED over Marcos’s popularity, and leading all kinds of surveys made by different people, kaya pilit gumagawa ng paraan para i divert ang isip ng iba. Pathetic!#ProtectBBM

Another netizen compares BBM to a PH flag.

Si Bongbong Marcos parang watawat yan, habang hinihila nyo pababa lalo syang tumataas.🇵🇭✌🏼#BBM2022

On Twitter, a certain alpog gonzalez using the handle @dragon7781 asked the Comelec Spox if the statement was legit and he replied:


Source: Facebook

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