Concerned netizen fights back, debunks fake news from mainstream media, urges netizens who shared fake news not to get fooled again, delete post

If you love your country and wants to do something against those who wants to destroy it by posting fake news, what can you do to save your country from people trying to harm it?

Well, if you asks Net Maranan, fight back by fact-checking the fake news some members of the local media propagates online.

This is exactly what Maranan did by going out of her way, collect all the fake news from mainstream media, debunked it one by one by slapping the facts in their shameless faces.

Maranan said the fake news started with the attack on SEA Games cauldron, claiming it was overprice, extravagant and inappropriate. And then the kikiam, unfinished facilities and the restrooms followed.

You can check the details of the fact-checking done by Maranan to the consternation of the fake news propagators.

Towards the end of the post, Maranan extended the olives to ordinary netizens who fell victim to MSM’s fake news and urged them to delete their post and not allow themselves to be victimized by another fake news and allow the forces of evil to triumph by trampling the truth.

But here’s the heartwarming part of Maranan’s FB post. She told netizens who fell prey to fake news that it’s never too late to make up for their mistake because we are still a few days away from the SEA Games opening and start spreading good news and cheering our athletes and stop spreading fake news!

She said no event will be perfect and no country will ever make it perfect, but we can make this hosting, worth it and something to be proud of.


Sinimulan nila ang paninira sa Cauldron, umabot sa kikiam, unfinished facility at maling balita sa restroom.

Dahil hindi naman nagfact checked, umingay at nadumihan na ang masaya at exciting sana na Sea Games start up. We did not start with a wrong foot. Someone is pushing us to fall down.

Some Fake News

News: Cauldron 50Million Over priced.

Fact: Cauldron Monument na visible only cost 7Million ( Mas mahal pa ang Flagpole )It reaches 50 Million because it includes, Undergound Mechanism for the fuel, Includes the site Development ( Tiles, Road, Platform, landscaping), Fuel, Design and layout. This cauldron is not a one time use structure, this will last a lifetime. ( Expensive but not overpriced) Cheaper than other country’s cauldron.

News: Bad Hotel Accommodation for the Cambodian Athletes Cambodian team athletes made to sleep on the floor and on lined-up chairs.

Fact: The signed agreement with the organizers include accommodations with standard check-in time of 2:00 PM.
Hotel were informed late that team members from Cambodia were coming in early on November 23, 2019 the night before. Due to full occupancy, they need to wait for their booking schedule. Standard check out is until 12:00NN. However, as early as 8:25am, some members were given an early check-in due to availability of rooms.

News:Philippine flag used as tablecloth in serving food to participants.

Fact:The photo was taken Nov. 23 2015, not in any Sea Games Venue

News:Semi finished Media Center at Rizal Coliseum.

Fact: This makeshift media center at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex for the SEAG Football matches has been set up by The Philippine Football Federation or PFF headed by Mariano ‘Nonong’ Araneta.The Official Media Center is in Clark and in World Trade Center.

News:A Sea Games Shirt that cost 6,000 Pesos

Fact: 6K Uniform includes a jacket, pants, 5 shirts, cap, shoes, socks and a backpack.

News:Two toilet bowls in one cubicle.

Fact: Still under construction, now complete with cubicle.

News: Toilet with no conjugal cubicles

Fact: The urinal on the photo is for kids, female restroom do have cubicles (post was deleted)

News:The practice field in Biñan Football Stadium is still under construction.

Fact:It was the UP Diliman Football Field, which was still under construction. Wrong Photo and Fake news.

News:Only Kikiam and Eggs Serve to Athlete’s

Fact: Chicken Sausage not Kikiam, food served in buffet.

News: Pork Served to Muslim Athletes

Fact: No Muslim Athlete provide any statement to the media and no Muslim athletes were served pork meals.

With all this fake news circulating online, kung nabiktima ka at naniwala sa fake news it’s ok wala na tayong magagawa, damage is done, delete your post. Buti na lang nanaig ang katotohanan. Buti na lang may social media, dahil kung wala ,lahat tayo galit na sa Gobyerno dahil sa pagpapakalat ng mga anti ng fake news. They have done this before, manipulate the public countless times. Why do we let ourselves be fooled over and over again. Hahayaan ba nating manaig ulit ang kasamaan at gamitin ang galit ng tao para sa hindi makatotohanan?

Bumawi na tayo it’s not too late, official Opening is still few days ahead. Let’s start spreading good news and cheering our athletes and stop spreading fake news! This event will never be perfect and no country will ever make it perfect, but we can make this hosting, worth it and something to be proud of.

Laban Pinas! We will win as One! We Unite as One.


ctto:MiKo Baguio City

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Source: Net Maranan

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